official sexing thread


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so I was thinking that it would be good to have a thread where you post a pic or 2 and you show how to sex a certain chamelons species, maybe a photo of a male or a female, this way it would be more easy to find the sex of your chameleon.

I was thinking on the lines a pic or two and a short describing.

someone else?


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While your idea sounds good the forum has rules for anyone IDing chams. The rules are set up so the only advanced members are to ID chams as they should have more knowledge. There are no guesses allowed and you have to explain why you ID the cham as what you say it is. I have some knowledge but very rarely ID chams as there are people who are experts at that. Chris Anderson and Trace are both excellent. Both are moderators who will help members.


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It is so awesome to know that there are experts here who are available and willing to help other chameleon owners and do it just for the love of the animal! This forum is the best!
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