1. leedragon

    official sexing thread

    so I was thinking that it would be good to have a thread where you post a pic or 2 and you show how to sex a certain chamelons species, maybe a photo of a male or a female, this way it would be more easy to find the sex of your chameleon. I was thinking on the lines a pic or two and a...
  2. J

    Can you sex my 3 jacksonii jacksonii please

    Hi. I know j.jacksonii can be hard to sex when young as both males and females have 3 horns. I asked for 3 females knowing they are hard to sex at this age (around 4 months) but I think the first is a male...... What do you guys think? Suspected male? I think female. and the 3rd...
  3. Libren470

    unsure sex gender??

    ok i know this is very silly and i should know this by now but i cant help but believe my one veiled chameleon is a female even tho "she" has spurs and is quite large. i had a thread before relating to this topic..but after watching her movements and reactions...i just dont think its a male...
  4. M

    What gender is my Chameleon

    would somone please tell me what gender my Cham is?? go to and go to my pictures..tyvm send me a message if you know ty
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