Veiled Shedding?


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Hello, I have a ~4 month old veiled and Ive had him for about a month now. He started to shed 4 days ago. I mist once in the morning and once later in the evening. The under side, legs and most of the tail are completely shed. The back and head are both still covered with cracked dry skin. He is still moving around fine and looks active, especially when i feed him (he eats great still). Is everything alright? What can I do to help him? Do I need to take him to the vet?


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sounds fine to me. There is something that pet stores sell to help him shed, but i dont think it really makes a difference. i would just make sure it doesnt stay on his tail and cut off circulation. mine did that :(


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Shouldn't be a problem so long as your humidity is high enough. Post a pic if you are unsure.
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