1. Shedding Sucks

    Shedding Sucks

    Meller’s chameleon kicking off his shed.
  2. breauxaustin

    Panther shedding bath

    Just curious, I've seen pictures of people giving their Panther chameleons baths during sheds. I have a very young 8 week old Panther so don't want to do it at all currently honestly until he doubles in size. Is giving them a bath just to help with the shed and something that is necessary? Never...
  3. MeruJack

    Do full grown adults continue to shed?

    Do adult chameleons stop shedding once they're full grown as long as they maintain their weight and do not become chubby? The reason I am asking is that I have a female Meru Jackson's who hasn't shed for awhile who is in full shed today. She really doesn't eat much however she gave birth 2...
  4. Galaxy

    Stuck shed on pads of feet

    So, it has been a good few months since I've been active on here and it has been a dry... DRY winter here in northern Virginia. Osiris, my nearly year-old chameleon has been in a slow sectioned shed for about a month now, but having issue with the pads of his feet. I've made sure that his...
  5. B

    Pygmy cham shedding

    My pygmy chameleon started shedding yesterday morning and this morning there's still a piece of SHEd stuck to him. It's kind of wrapped around his leg. But when I looked at the other side I managed to unhook one end of the "skin rope" and now it's just this long hanging piece of shed hooked on...
  6. JosieJobo

    wired behaviour before shedding

    Has anyone else notested wired behaviour before shedding? I heard of them going off their food, going pastle colours, being very grumpy, lethargic, streching lots and scratching on things. My 7m panther dose all of this but he also gets very uncodonated, the vet said this was normal...
  7. rajon1080

    Söze's first colors after a shed

    Söze finally showed some color today after he shed!
  8. Shaunny

    Update on Trevor

    Hey guys just thought I would post an update on Trevor! He seem to be getting better and since I changes his cage around to something completely different he seems to be happier. He has been off for the last few day and seemed pretty dull but he was getting ready for a shed. I have...
  9. R

    Panther shed

    Hey guys Not sure if its something to be concerned about but for 2 or more weeks (after he did a 3/4 shed) he has had what looks like unshed skin on his head, on one side of his body, tail and the odd tiny tiny hang off bits on his legs, for the past couple of days I have been upping the...
  10. ferretinmyshoes

    Pygmy Shedding Time Lapse

    Pygmies shed their entire skin within an hour or two! They split down the middle and then stretch their little heads and tails all around to loosen the split and eventually end up pulling it off! Sometimes they will eat the entire shed so you don't even know it happened. I got lucky and caught...
  11. Nikkifer


    Is there a certain age veiled chams start their first shed? Mine was born in June, I got him 27th July and he hasn't shed yet. Is this normal? Thanks :)
  12. dirklance

    Gordon's first shed (with us!)

    Hello All, So I decided to take a random day off work yesterday. It turned out to be a great day to take off because my wife changed her flight back from Edmonton to be in the morning, so I could pick her up and hang out for the day. The other reason it turned out to be a good day to pick...
  13. Monties1982

    Baby's first shed

    My baby montium shed for the first time yesterday. I caught it on the tail end and most of the shed had already fallen off, but I got these pictures of what was left.
  14. millerman6401

    shedding problem (ball python)

    My snake Taj is having troubles shedding completely. Whenever it is time for him to shed he sheds in small patches and never in a full body shed. The dead skin also gets stuck on his body, I leave a large bowl of water for him to soak in but it never seems to help. So far I've had to bath him...
  15. Echoezra

    More pics of Zaphod (mitsio)

    Just wanted to show off a couple recent pics of my handsome fella. He's been this crazy-gorgeous jewel-toned spearminty green the past few days after he started shedding. It's funny, your think of all the cool colours chameleons can get and the greens seem so boring in comparison, but honestly...
  16. Echoezra

    Zelig's shedding!

    Tee hee, I don't know. That's pretty much all I have to report, just a little excited, that's all, cause it means he's healthy & growing & stuff. :) First I was freaking out, cause I went to mist him and said "holy crap, what's the matter with his eye???" And then I went "ohhh!!!" And then I...
  17. sibeers

    Shedding problem

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - 1 year old Veiled. Had her for a year. Handling - Handled once to twice a week. Feeding - Mostly crickets. 6-8 a day. feeding them flukers orange cubes Watering - Mist King system with one nozzle misting 6 times a day for 45 seconds at a time. she will drink...
  18. Monties1982

    Little Trixie's first shed!

    I found Trixie shedding this afternoon for the first time since I've had her. I was starting to get a little worried since I've had her for over a month. Here are the pics. Uploaded with
  19. Anilr16

    Newbie question

    Ive kept Chameleons for just about a year now and was simply wondering...when chameleons shed...does that mean better skin/color comes out? My male red rudis is currently shedding and has nice colors coming out on the parts that have completed shed. like his head/arms partial body. So what does...
  20. A

    Veiled Shedding?

    Hello, I have a ~4 month old veiled and Ive had him for about a month now. He started to shed 4 days ago. I mist once in the morning and once later in the evening. The under side, legs and most of the tail are completely shed. The back and head are both still covered with cracked dry skin. He is...
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