More pics of Zaphod (mitsio)


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Just wanted to show off a couple recent pics of my handsome fella. He's been this crazy-gorgeous jewel-toned spearminty green the past few days after he started shedding. It's funny, your think of all the cool colours chameleons can get and the greens seem so boring in comparison, but honestly for some reason it's those certain shades of green - that super yellow-lime, or this one I'm talking about, they can be just as awesome as a yellow or blue or red in my opinion. (plus they get lost in the leaves and it's always fun getting tricked like that- eyeball to eyeball, OH, THERE you are! Lol)
Anyways, me & my long stories... PICTURES!

When he was shedding:

Shedding but now angry at my intrusion, lol.

Blurry, but nice sleeping colours!

Yeaterday, with just his tail left to go:

And in his cage just now.
Goegeous mitsio Echo. Mine has gone from his dark greens to his light lime/yellow greens also. Im guessing its the change in temps/weather.
Thanks. :D
I know it's just the addiction thing talking, but I'm reeeeeally starting to think this guy should have a girlfriend...
LOL! Good point. :)
I think he was feeling a little lonely yesterday afternoon, according to the "present" I found dangling on his vine. ;) that must have been why he went out venturing- lookin for a ladyfriend?
He sure is, from Mufasa & Lexus. Grandson of Screameleons' GT3.
They have more mitsio babies right now from a different line. I'm soooo tempted...!!!!
This guy from Drew? He's amazing! The Mitsios are so gorgeous. Yours is beautiful. Your Faly is awesome, too!

Thanks again, and you're right, I felt bad only posting about Zaphod, so I snapped a few shots of Zelig too, I'm gonna start a new thread about him in a minute. :)
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