1. Babyface


    Baby ambilobe
  2. Dex vs Katydid

    Dex vs Katydid

    Nom nom nom
  3. Echoezra

    More pics of Zaphod (mitsio)

    Just wanted to show off a couple recent pics of my handsome fella. He's been this crazy-gorgeous jewel-toned spearminty green the past few days after he started shedding. It's funny, your think of all the cool colours chameleons can get and the greens seem so boring in comparison, but honestly...
  4. chdwckvnstrsslhm

    Flying Green Banana Roach growth rate?

    A little more than 2 months ago, I purchased around 30 Panchlora nivea nymphs. I put them in their own little cage with dirt and plants and a piece of cork bark and all they would need to grow big and strong and take over the world.:p I know they're doing fine because the food I put in...
  5. Panther Out For A Walk

    Panther Out For A Walk

    My other panther clinging to the large wire in my front porch - a lil sun and fun!
  6. Sheldon On The Free Range

    Sheldon On The Free Range

    Sheldon on his first outing on the new free range
  7. May The Force Be With You

    May The Force Be With You

    Ellie is a member of Star Trek...Vulcan hand greeting, anyone?
  8. Is This Normal???

    Is This Normal???

    Mr. Greens wrist
  9. Mr. Green In His New Habitat

    Mr. Green In His New Habitat

  10. In The Spot Light

    In The Spot Light

    Tri-Tip Male Jackson
  11. Whatcha Lookin' At?

    Whatcha Lookin' At?

    Tri-Tip Photo-shoot
  12. Peek-a-boo


    Tri Tip Free roaming in my office.
  13. Strike A Pose

    Strike A Pose

    Finding Colors Tri-Tip
  14. Jimmy's Jungle

    Jimmy's Jungle

    Photo of my little guy showing some interest in the camera.
  15. Boris The Boss

    Boris The Boss

    My baby veiled cham, enjoying a bit of rare UK sunshine on our balcony under his Dracaena on his apple tree log :)
  16. Graceful Chameleon 1

    Graceful Chameleon 1

    This was Harry's first picture in the lot. This is his normal coloration. Graceful is a perfect name for these chameleons.
  17. Standing At Attention!!

    Standing At Attention!!

    My baby Veiled Chameleon, Charlie!
  18. Gizmo The Senegal

    Gizmo The Senegal

    Gizmo the Senegal exploring our pattio. He is usally lighter, but in the sun he's brown/green mix. I am not sure what gender it is
  19. Sleeping


    still sleeping
  20. Chillen


    blue and green
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