Blue skin after Stitches 😕

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Overall my cham is looking better, his eyes look much healthier now. just a few concerns and questions though. his feces (brown part) looks more watery could this be because of the extra hydration im giving him? I think it could also be because of my misting as sometimes the bottom of the enclosure gets quite wet. Another concerning thing i have found is next to his stitch (one of the papilomas that was removed) im not sure but around the stitch the skin sort of peeled off in 1 spot around the stitch and also one of the the yellow stripes on his body he is shedding tho so im not sure but the underneath skin looks like a blue funny colour I attached a photo. Also the vet told me to put iodine on the stitch until i need to get it removed in like 2 weeks does this sound right? (The stitch is kinda hard to see cuz its black but the brown looking stuff is the iodine.
Im not sure what this strange blue skin could be? I really hope it isnt too bad ☹️ Note: the least recent one is annotated and the most recent is the one with the wooden floor visible



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I do not know about the use of iodine... @JacksJill would know more about that then I do.

But the discoloration does not surprise me since there was trauma to the area with having it removed and stitched. May just be bruising that will eventually go away.

fecal is hard to determine since you said that you have a lot of water on the floor.


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Hi. I have no idea about the blue skin. It could be remnants of a bruise, part of his healing process, a reaction to the iodine or maybe even a type of fungal growth. Hopefully it’ll go away on it’s own, but if it’s still there when you go to have the sutures removed, your vet should address it.
It looks like bruising to me. You can't put in stitches without risking some bruising. Iodine is safe to use if diluted properly. It stains staches purple but not skin that it leaves tan or brown.
The vet gave me iodine in a bottle but i kinda ran out.. anything else i can use


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Looks normal. Any "skin damage" will look like that till it full heals. Even holding them in a death grip to do minor medical procedures will cause it. it will go away within 2 months. They are very slow healers when it comes to skin damage.
Update: I went to check on my Cham and realised the blueish skin started to peel and underneath is Raw skin and the whole part fell off including the stiches! I was so scared as i didnt expect the stiches to come off with the blueish skin but the layer doesnt seek to be bleeding i wasnt sure if the skin where the stiches were had burnt or something else but i have had to deal with burns before so i put silver sulfadiazine on the raw skin to stop it getting infected. If this was a burn i dont know how this would have happend as i changed raised the heat bulb higher even so that when i put the top of my hand on the mesh it doesnt hurt not sure if it is a uv burn but my distance from my T5 5.0 is correct. 🫤 If this is a vet situation i dont know if i can get him to the vet as its christmas tmrw and im gonna get the other stitch removed in a few days time i will send a photo of what the skin looks like (Really Sorry if anyone is disturbed by this)



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That is scarring he may always have that bare patch. Scars don't grow hair in mammals and don't grow scales in reptiles. Treating it with the ointment for a few days won't hurt.
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