1. Norcal55

    Adult CBB Nosy Mitsio

    FOR SALE Fantastic opportunity! We purchased this stunning Nosy Mitsio from ChameleonsArt a few months ago and he is beautiful! We have several lines of Nosy Mitsios and just ran out of room for this male. He is about 12 months old and is a CBB import from Europe. This male is already...
  2. Norcal55

    Baby Nosy Mitsios

    Our F2 Nosy Mitsios are growing great! These males are just shy of 3 months old :) Gumby the sire to these males.
  3. Norcal55

    New Nosy Mitsio Import

    We just got a new pair of Nosy Mitsios in from Europe. This male is only about 8 months old an literally glows when he fires up :) Still thinking of a name..... :D We have 2 month old females from Gumby that will be paired with him late next year.
  4. Norcal55

    Baby Nosy Mitsios

    We had our first clutch of F2 Nosy Mitsios hatch out a month ago and they are looking great. We are having so much fun watching them grow :)
  5. Norcal55

    Nosy Mitsio time!

    A few pictures fro Gumby today. Gumby is an F1 Nosy Mitsio. We are really excited and hopefully eggs will be hatching in a week or two :)
  6. Norcal55

    A few quick Nosy Mitsio Pics

    I was a few minutes late with the camera and missed the super fired up yellow action :) This guy is massive. He is by far the largest Panther I have ever had! I so excited, he has eggs cooking away. I have his younger brother also, I think he might get a turn with the ladies...
  7. Norcal55

    Finally! Nosy Mitsio eggs

    I came home from a business trip extremely tired this evening and headed to the Chameleon room to see how everyone was doing. I perked right up when I saw one of my female Mitsios in her favorite basking spot with sand on her forehead :D 17 perfect little eggs. She is doing great and...
  8. P

    WC Ambilobe doing his best Nosy Mitsio impression

    Doesn't have the black on red in the eye turrets, but pretty surprising change from this guy after a few months of acclimating to captivity:
  9. Captive Creations

    IRONMAN(tamatave) AND ROCKSTARR(Mitsio)

    Well I haven't had much of a chance to come on here lately as we have had clutches hatching like crazy first was our Nosy Be Clutch 3 days later our Nosy Mitsio clutch started hatching then a few days later our Nosy Faly babies started hatching not to mention we still have a few of our veiled's...
  10. J

    Nosy Mitsio Females -- a CB, WC, and a probable hybrid

    Here's the CB female that we are really confident is actually a Mitsio. The previous owner also had her brother from the same clutch, and that male definitely looked like a beautiful CB version of our two WC males. The previous owner is on CF and goes by the name Killer_Chams. Mojito is the...
  11. J

    Nosy Mitsio -- Mysterrio -- new sleeping Pic

    Mysterio was looking particularly yellow last night:
  12. vinniem1210

    Mitsio, Faly, Be, Ambanja!!

    Here are pics of several of my amazing males. Hope you enjoy!
  13. slang1

    Chiquita fired up

    Showed Chiquita on of the girls today, and he dressed up nicely for the occasion.
  14. Captive Creations

    Getting a New addition to the family!

    Hey everyone! We are very excited about the upcoming arrival of our Female Nosy Mitsio! After confirming that our new Nosy Mitsio is in fact a Mitsio we are excited to announce that Drew from Chameleon Nation has a 7 month old Female that is unrelated to our Sonny. which ended up at our...
  15. Echoezra

    Recent picture of Zaphod the mitsio

    Just looking through some pictures on my phone the other day, and when I went to load them up to photobucket, and couldn't remember how to do it, lol, I realized it must have been WAY too long since I posted any updated pictures of my boys!! You poor deprived people must be in desperate...
  16. B

    inter species panther cham breeding

    Hi, i was wondering if you can breed a male nosy faly, with a female nosy mitsio, what are the risks? can you breed the result or are they just nice colorations? do they have different needs?
  17. Echoezra

    How close is too close? Related-wise. Or how far removed is okay?

    So i'm wanting to breed my boys in the future and I've been kind of scouting for a suitable girlfriend. I had wanted a baby or young girl we could raise up ourselves. I'm not in a hurry really except for one nagging thing - a fear in the back of my mind is a fear that something unfortunate might...
  18. Echoezra

    More pics of Zaphod (mitsio)

    Just wanted to show off a couple recent pics of my handsome fella. He's been this crazy-gorgeous jewel-toned spearminty green the past few days after he started shedding. It's funny, your think of all the cool colours chameleons can get and the greens seem so boring in comparison, but honestly...
  19. Echoezra

    Attn: mitsio folks

    Hey there guys, nothing major, just I posted a new picture of my mitsio Zaphod the other day in the photography section, and I had asked a question about colour/mood meaning, I was just curious on your observations, so I thought maybe if I used the general section to point mitsio-specific people...
  20. Echoezra

    Couple new pictures of Zaphod & Zelig

    Took a few new pictures this week, wanted to share a couple of the better ones. This first one is Zaphod, my 10-month-old mitsio, showing a really nice bright yellow with red bars, first time I've seen him like this, it was very striking. (Usually he's mostly a pale lime green with a...
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