Baby Nosy Mitsios


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Just shy of 3 months? Wow, his color is amazing! Good job.


Thanks Scott! The Nosy Mitsio babies are so different than any other Panther Locales I have raised. The oldest ones were born on 10/1. The colors were evident after 2 weeks and the males are growing so fast. The 10 fastest growers in the clutch are all males and huge ;)



congrats on raising up some GREAT looking nosy mitsio's !! Gumby is a stud

are any of the F2 males going be coming up for sale? I am almost done setting up another 18X18X36 enclosure and im just deciding now between a nosy mitsio juvenile or an ankaramy juvenile... i am looking for a CB Sub Adult male 5 months or younger. please inbox me or email me if you think any of Gumby's male offspring will be available. I am a very responsible owner and would keep you updated with pics through the forum.



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