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  1. P

    Amazing Panther Chameleons

    Red Body Blue Bar Ambilobe "Magma" Red Body Blue Bar Ambilobe "Raphael" Yellow Body Blue Bar Ambilobe "Leo" Here's a cool video of Leo changing colors: Ambanja -...
  2. Norcal55

    Baby Nosy Mitsios

    Our F2 Nosy Mitsios are growing great! These males are just shy of 3 months old :) Gumby the sire to these males.
  3. P

    F1 CB Nosy Mitsio -- Young Adult "Vandal"-- $800 SHIPPED

    This is our beautiful 1 year old Nosy Mitsio named "Culprit". He was sired by "Mysterio". He is a stunning F1 Nosy Mitsio from two WC parents that were part of the last shipment before Nosy Mitsio was closed for exports. At rest, he is nearly solid green, with reduced vertical bars. He...
  4. P

    F1 Pure Nosy Mitsio Sub Adult Male!!

    Actual Animal For Sale: Marley Sire: Yellow Submarine (Not For Sale) Sire: Yellow Submarine Dam: Wild Caught female Locale: Nosy Mitsio Age: 8 months This beautiful F1 Nosy Mitsio male is truly one of a kind! Both of his parents are true wild caught animals which...
  5. Norcal55

    New Nosy Mitsio Import

    We just got a new pair of Nosy Mitsios in from Europe. This male is only about 8 months old an literally glows when he fires up :) Still thinking of a name..... :D We have 2 month old females from Gumby that will be paired with him late next year.
  6. P

    Nosy Mitsio Females Available. Sire: Yellow Sub

    Sire - Yellow Submarine Brother to Females Available - Example of Females Available - Spectacular Nosy Mitsio Females Available. These females are sired by our Wild Caught Nosy Mitsio, Yellow Submarine. "Yellow Sub" is a perfect representation of a beautiful Nosy Mitsio...
  7. Norcal55

    Nosy Mitsio time!

    A few pictures fro Gumby today. Gumby is an F1 Nosy Mitsio. We are really excited and hopefully eggs will be hatching in a week or two :)
  8. Norcal55

    Finally! Nosy Mitsio eggs

    I came home from a business trip extremely tired this evening and headed to the Chameleon room to see how everyone was doing. I perked right up when I saw one of my female Mitsios in her favorite basking spot with sand on her forehead :D 17 perfect little eggs. She is doing great and...
  9. P

    Yellow Submarine -- Proud Father

    And finally, a photo of the clutch that justed start to hatch today, making this guy a father (again). 23 eggs... first 5 hatched today, at 8.5 months. What a stud! Mysterio (our other WC male) has a clutch that is currently sweating as well :eek:
  10. ReptiGeek

    Naboo update! [Pictures]

    Okay okay, slap my wrists and rattle my bones, it's been a while. To be fair, I have been QUITE busy. I recently added a few new pets ( and I have been passing out every day after work. Please, enjoy these photos...
  11. P

    Yellow Submarine -- Nosy Mitsio

    He is a WC Nosy Mitsio and came in over a year ago.
  12. ReptiGeek

    365 Days of Naboo

    This thread will be updated every day for an entire year, to track the growth of my newest edition: Naboo (87.5% Mitsio, 12.5% Ambilobe). Sired by Jupiter from ZenReptiles. This is a photography project. Photographers take a picture of the exact same object/ subject for a full year to show...
  13. ReptiGeek


    Naboo! My Nosy Mitsio Panther Chameleon sired by Jupiter from Zen Reptiles (Brock). He is 87.5% Nosy Mitsio and 12.5% Ambilobe. I believe Jupiter is an absolutely gorgeous chameleon and I am so happy to have one of his offspring. I named him Naboo not only because I am a huge Star Wars fan, but...
  14. J

    Nosy Mitsio Females -- a CB, WC, and a probable hybrid

    Here's the CB female that we are really confident is actually a Mitsio. The previous owner also had her brother from the same clutch, and that male definitely looked like a beautiful CB version of our two WC males. The previous owner is on CF and goes by the name Killer_Chams. Mojito is the...
  15. J

    Nosy Mitsio -- Mysterrio -- new sleeping Pic

    Mysterio was looking particularly yellow last night:
  16. slang1

    My nosy mitsio now around 9 months (picture heavy)

    Just want to show you all my boy. He is grown a quite a bit in the last couple of months. Enjoy :)
  17. slang1

    Chiquita fired up

    Showed Chiquita on of the girls today, and he dressed up nicely for the occasion.
  18. Captive Creations

    Nosy Mitsio fired up finally!

    So our nosy mitsio Sonny has FINALLY fired up. I believe it is impossible to get this chameleon mad or excited or anything. We have tried showing hiim his own reflection and everything. Sonny is the most laid back chameleon I have ever owned. He loved to come out of his cage and today he got a...
  19. B

    Value of nosy mitsio faly's?

    Hello, i decided im going to breed my male nosy faly with one of my female nosy mitsios, i was wondering how much do you think the babies would be worth, of course females wouldnt be much im guessing 200, but what about males?
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