1. Dex vs Katydid

    Dex vs Katydid

    Nom nom nom
  2. AdventuringChameleon

    Mowgli's Feeder fort

    I forgot how many pictures I've taken of Mowgli since I've been on the forum, so here's a few more. Mowgli decided to bust down his cricket feeder and use it as a fort the other night so I took some pictures. Also got a shot of him showing us some nice yellows and a shot from last night when he...
  3. Norcal55

    Baby Nosy Mitsios

    Our F2 Nosy Mitsios are growing great! These males are just shy of 3 months old :) Gumby the sire to these males.
  4. Norcal55

    Nosy Mitsio time!

    A few pictures fro Gumby today. Gumby is an F1 Nosy Mitsio. We are really excited and hopefully eggs will be hatching in a week or two :)
  5. AdventuringChameleon

    Yellow Shed

    Hello All, I decided to put this thread in general discussion because I don't think it is a health problem. Feel free to let me know if it is, though! We just thought it was interesting and wondered if anyone had any insight into why it happened. During Mowgli's last shed he pulled off a big...
  6. Echoezra

    Recent picture of Zaphod the mitsio

    Just looking through some pictures on my phone the other day, and when I went to load them up to photobucket, and couldn't remember how to do it, lol, I realized it must have been WAY too long since I posted any updated pictures of my boys!! You poor deprived people must be in desperate...
  7. Yellow Boy

    Yellow Boy

    Blue Bar Ambilobe Male displaying yellow colors-father was Spikes from Primo line. Mother was Isa from Isairy - Mifidy Bloodline - Kammerflage Kreations
  8. Ch Male From Cham Co.

    Ch Male From Cham Co.

  9. Chamaeleon Frons

    Chamaeleon Frons

    5 layers. It's a shame the camera didn't pick up the orange mixed in with the chameleon. Gave it a bronze look :)
  10. Twiggy2


    Sneaking up on me...haha
  11. Sampson


    yellow Sambava
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