1. Decadancin

    Zaphod has passed...

    It is the inevitable that when we choose to bring animals into our families that we must also deal with them getting older and passing away. Zaphod has left us just shy of his 5 year hatch day. He was definitely slowing down for a while and this did not come as a surprise, but it doesn't make it...
  2. Decadancin

    No Sun Today, So I'll Stay Inside...

    It rained all day here today, so no outside time. Zaphod decided to make the most of the day. First a quick shower... Next a light Superworm snack... And now a leisurely stroll through the enclosure... There's a bunch of sun today, so if it warms up enough, hopefully...
  3. Decadancin

    Zaphod Turns 1 Tomorrow!!!

    I can't believe how quickly time flies!!! Just had Zaphod out for a little sun for his Hatchday. He turns 1 tomorrow 7-10, but who knows what the weather will bring (never can tell in Florida :rolleyes:) So here's a few pics of the H-Day Boy :D!!! First a comparison... As usual, Zaphod...
  4. Decadancin

    Zaphod's enclosure Video

    Here's a link to my video showing Zaphod's home. He's real happy with his new Hibiscus, but you'll have to take my word for it. (You can't see much of him in the vid!) If you look real close you can see his tail at the very end (and some other parts :o) Thanks for watching and let me know what...
  5. Decadancin

    Its Done!!!

    So, I am done with Zaphod's enclosure. This was a lot of fun, and I cant wait for it to be completely dry so He can move in! I hope he isn't spooked by the new surroundings. I still have to run the misting tubes and hang the lights, but here it is. I don't have any live plants yet, because I...
  6. Echoezra

    Recent picture of Zaphod the mitsio

    Just looking through some pictures on my phone the other day, and when I went to load them up to photobucket, and couldn't remember how to do it, lol, I realized it must have been WAY too long since I posted any updated pictures of my boys!! You poor deprived people must be in desperate...
  7. Echoezra

    Advice in case a respiratory issue is coming

    Okay guys. I know this is going to sound stupid, asking about temps now after having done so much research and having the chameleons for months, but I just want to double check the exact range I'm looking for - maximums for basking and ambient, day and night time - be specific. what my ideal...
  8. Echoezra

    More pics of Zaphod (mitsio)

    Just wanted to show off a couple recent pics of my handsome fella. He's been this crazy-gorgeous jewel-toned spearminty green the past few days after he started shedding. It's funny, your think of all the cool colours chameleons can get and the greens seem so boring in comparison, but honestly...
  9. Echoezra

    heart attack (long story, sorry, I do that)

    Okay I may have calmed down enough to tell you guys about this now. Although I'm ashamed at my stupidity, and feel terrible. So The long pre-story part of the story is this: I have two chameleons. They are in 100 gallon flexariums. Right before I got them I was setting up their cages &...
  10. Echoezra

    Check him out, especially eyes - look dehydrated at all?

    Tell me what you think, about how he's looking? Health-wise I mean, not just pretty colours. Although I do like his colours. Still a little concerned about dehydration, misting numerous times a day, and feeding hornworms & got him to start taking smaller silkworms also, so lots of juicy...
  11. Echoezra

    New pics of Zaphod, my Nosy Mitsio, approx 11 months old

    Here's a couple pics of Zaphod. He's a son of Chameleon Nation's Mufasa & Lexus, & a grandson of Screameleons' GT3. I took like 20 pictures, but all in the same position, lol, He still doesn't like to be held, so I just kind of have to freeze in one position, or else he tries to climb onto my...
  12. Echoezra

    Finally changed my avatar pic for you! lol.

    Happy now? Hahaha. Also, got photobucket app to work (well, sort of - still can't totally figure out editing my albums, but was able to get pictures from phone to photobucket to here, and that was the point) So there are new pictures of Zelig up in the Photography section, if you guys want...
  13. Echoezra

    They've been here a month now!

    I just realized I've had these guys for a month yesterday! :eek: Time flies. No wonder Zelig's getting so BIG! Lol. I guess I'll need to get some fresh "anniversary" pictures tomorrow, huh? ;)
  14. Echoezra

    Hand feeding excitement.

    Zelig ate crickets off of my finger today!!! For the first time!!! Yay!!!! My sin tried it too, and success! Woohoo! Hand-feeding...SO exciting!!! had to share. :D :D :D
  15. Echoezra

    Attn: mitsio folks

    Hey there guys, nothing major, just I posted a new picture of my mitsio Zaphod the other day in the photography section, and I had asked a question about colour/mood meaning, I was just curious on your observations, so I thought maybe if I used the general section to point mitsio-specific people...
  16. Echoezra

    Couple new pictures of Zaphod & Zelig

    Took a few new pictures this week, wanted to share a couple of the better ones. This first one is Zaphod, my 10-month-old mitsio, showing a really nice bright yellow with red bars, first time I've seen him like this, it was very striking. (Usually he's mostly a pale lime green with a...
  17. Echoezra

    New guy's poop (finally) - bloody urate??

    Okay, so I finally decided to disturb my new guy Zaphod again and did a little cage tidying and plant moving last night. I was getting worried about not having seen any poop from him yet (it's been a week since I got him) but I just assumed there was some poop but it was just hidden in the...
  18. Echoezra

    Introducing my new arrivals: Zelig & Zaphod

    So I got two new chameleons late on Sunday night. Managed to sneak a handful of quick pictures in here and there the last couple of days so I could show them off to you guys. They're both from Chameleon Nation. Zaphod is a Nosy Mitsio, around 10 months old. His father is Mufasa, his...
  19. Does This Human Make Me Look Fat???

    Does This Human Make Me Look Fat???

    Zaaphod out in the sun for his 1 year hatchday.
  20. Have A Berry Nice Holiday Season!

    Have A Berry Nice Holiday Season!

    Zaphod Enjoying the holiday season.
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