Introducing my new arrivals: Zelig & Zaphod


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So I got two new chameleons late on Sunday night. Managed to sneak a handful of quick pictures in here and there the last couple of days so I could show them off to you guys.
They're both from Chameleon Nation.

Zaphod is a Nosy Mitsio, around 10 months old.
His father is Mufasa, his mother is Lexus, his grampa is GT3 from Screameleons.
He's a big boy, lol, I don't know why I expected him to be smaller. Very pretty lime green most of the time. His tail and lower half was reeeally yellow when I first opened the box, but I haven't seen him that yellow since then. I wish I had a better view but I have his cage up really high and have been trying to leave them alone.
He's also very fiesty & not a fan of my hands!! I had to take him out of cage yesterday to do some rearranging of his vines (some were too thin to support him) I hope he comes around & relaxes a little bit once he gets used to me. He doesn't seem bothered or stressed having me around or misting or even looking at him. He eats & drinks while I was watching, didn't wait til I left. He did, however gobble up his breakfast from a cup I held this morning, that was kind of exciting, wasn't expecting that, I just used the cup to carry the bugs up there, and thought hmm, I'll show him it's for bugs, not a scary cup, and he went "sweet!!" and slurped a couple up in a second. It was fun. :)
He's been exploring the cage, he likes the plant hangers alot, I think I'll get a couple more bushier hanging plants for him, as he's not so much a fan of the hibiscus. Maybe if I move it closer to the basking light. But so far he seems to like it more out in the open. Which is good for me, as I can see him better. :)

Anyways, #2:

Zelig is a 3 month old Nosy Faly. Yes, his dad is Raiden (son of Wylde from Screameleons) and mom is Nala (daughter of Slash from Screameleons)
He's tiny and adorable. I wasn't expecting so much colour this young, but it's great, he's really colourful! It seems like every time we look at him there's different colours. :) So much beautiful turqoisey blue, and you can see the reddish specks already too. I think he's gonna be gorgeous.
He seems less comfortable in the cage, but not uncomfortable about me when I've had to handle him. He's quite the little houdini, I've got to watch him, he makes a beeline for the zipper everytime I don't close it all the way right away. So far, he likes the top of the hibiscus, and climbing on the mesh. Haven't seen him drink, so I've been misting often, but he did eat at least a couple crickets each day. I have a lot of plants and have a hard time finding the strays crickets.

I have been trying to leave them alone as much as possible, except for misting a lot, so I don't have too much to report yet except SUPERCUTE!!

I'll keep you guys posted as they settle in. I'm sure I'll have lots of better pictures coming soon. I have more of Zelig than Zaphod so far, but I'll have more mitsio ones coming soon I'm sure. But here's something to tide you over. :)
Tell me what you think of my new boys, everybody.


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Wow both boys are lovely. i wouldn't toss either one of them out in the snow. I have to say for his age Zelig is a stunner. You are going to have a beauty on your hands. Congratulations.

I love your mitsio. I have a mufasa female coming soon for my male mitsio. Check out some pics of my guy. Theres not many of them around. Cham Nation have some outstanding bloodlines you made a good decision in going with them...;)
Thanks so much guys! Yes I'm so very thrilled. I can't wait to get to know them. I'm a very proud mommy. :)

Well, the boys are slowly becoming a bit more comfortable here. They're both eating okay now, and both will eat from the cup (Zelig doesn't like me hanging around holding it though, I have to leave it in there for him.) Zaphod is afraid of silkworms, but he did manage to accidentally eat one when I had it in the cup with a couple of crickets & supers. ;) didn't fall for it a second time though. Lol. He did try butterworms today though & loves em! :) so slowly but surely we're gaining some variety with him at least. I'll pick up some little butters for Zelig to try tomorrow.
Anyways, kind of exciting, Zaphod started shedding today! It's so funny, I don't know why, but I look at him and it's hard not to giggle, even though feel bad cause it's probably so annoying & itchy. He is getting annoyed with my frequent misting (you again??) but it seems to be helping. I snuck in some cool shedding pictures to show the kids later that I'll share with you guys. Hopefully we'll get a little brightening up of his colours too. I saw a nice glimpse of that real pretty yellow tail and belly again this morning when I first turned on the lights. :) But otherwise he seems to be okay with me being around and reaching in the cage (as long as it's not AT him, lol) so I think he's enjoying himself in there okay. He'll go back and forth, moves around quite a bit, but not really pacing, so it's nice seeing him getting exercise, kinda glad I went horizontal with the cage.
Also, Zelig isn't constantly trying to escape anymore. He's been venturing
around a little more in the cage, checking out the different plants & areas, so thats nice but sometimes i worry about him spending too much time away from the basking spot. Ambient temps arent super low in the house or anything, but still low 70's. Anyway, most importantly, he's been eating much better, finally getting a decent appetite. :) although he's not frantically ravenous, like people often describe their babies, he still loses some crickets in the plants, but that's to be expected especially since he doesnt grab one right
after the other. He did eat about 5 crickets right in a row from the
cup this morning though. He left the last one though. I put more in later with the cup in a different spot, and he stared at them for quite a while, they finally all crawled out and then he slowly started trying to catch one or two as they climbed on the vines closer to his perch at the time.
I am planning a little cleaning session tomorrow morning, because i havent noticed any poops yet. Must be caught in the plants. I'm really curious about Zelig's though, as I still haven't seen him drink. I know they'll do it in private, I'm hoping that's the case. I've been misting quite frequently, trying to keep him with opportunities, since I don't have a dripper set up yet, I was waiting to ensure my plant and drainage bin placement first based on their behaviour & spots they choose.
Anyway, babble much? Lol, just wanted to give you guys the update. Pictures soon, just have to get them off my phone.
LOl, great to hear they're settling in and providing you with so much pleasure too.
Cant wait to see piccys!

"So long and thanks for all the fish" :D
Zaphod's shedding pics

LOL, we'll have to change that to "So long & thanks for all the bugs" ;)

Here are some shedding pics. :)
He's gotten most of it off the front half, except one tiny little bit on his eye that bugs me.
It was so cool, I picked up one piece from his back I guess and it still has all the spinys on it, I didn't know it would do that. Very amusing.
Speaking of amusing, Right now he's got some skinbits wrapped around his hips & base of his tail, looks like he's walking around with wet TP stuck to his butt!! LOLOLOLOL
Poor guy. I hope he gets done soon. The cage is covered in skin, btw, you can tell everywhere he's rubbed against. lol.


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LOL, we'll have to change that to "So long & thanks for all the bugs"....

Perfect! I should've thought of that! LOL

Love the one hiding behind the branch! Homer did that yesterday :D

Oh yeah, forgot more faly pictures!

Few more pics of Zelig. :)
(getting bluer every day, I think!)


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