1. KBear2727

    Nosy faly. Captive bred males and females available

    Males and FEMALES available.. If you are looking for a pure, lineaged faly, now's your chance! Full lineage in pics. 300 plus ship Buyer pays exact shipping. PayPal accepted. Shipping Monday thru Wednesday weather permitting
  2. Captive Creations

    Panther and Veiled Chameleons for Sale in Canada

    Hi everyone Captive Creations Canada currently has some beautiful panther and veiled chameleons for sale. Nosy Faly Panther Chameleons (Sired by Bowie) Males $300 Females $200 Ambilobe Panther Chameleons (Sired by Blaze) Males $250 Females $150 1 Female Tamatave Panther Chameleon $300...
  3. Tay And A

    Name contest!!! :-)

    Help us name this beautiful faly boy!! The winner will recieve something special from us. :-) we are thinking blue names again. So far we have tundra, slush, glacier, kodiak,avalanche, yeti, frostbite, and or Helios. :-)
  4. Red Bishop

    Chuck G Faly

    Here's my Chuck G boy from Blizzard, haven't named him yet. Around 5.5 months and looking awsome. :D He gets nice and white, but I don't have a pic of that. Sorry for photo quality, just using my cell. If anyone else has a Chuck Faly, post a pic! Thought he was sleeping:
  5. Echoezra

    New pictures of Zelig (Raiden/Nala Faly)

    I gave you guys an update of Zaphod mitsio pictures, couldn't let my other guy get jealous, so here's some from his "brother". I took these last night. Sorry for the crappy lighting, we were in the bathroom, trying to get the mirror to help him fire up. There's a few...
  6. Echoezra

    How close is too close? Related-wise. Or how far removed is okay?

    So i'm wanting to breed my boys in the future and I've been kind of scouting for a suitable girlfriend. I had wanted a baby or young girl we could raise up ourselves. I'm not in a hurry really except for one nagging thing - a fear in the back of my mind is a fear that something unfortunate might...
  7. Echoezra

    Latest pics of Zelig, my nosy faly boy

    Hey guys, it's been a while, haven't been on here much lately. Miss you guys! I just saw some updates in some faly baby threads lately, and realized it's been ages since I posted any pics of Zelig. He's about 7 to 7.5 months now I guess, and he's grown SO MUCH, & showing his red spots a lot...
  8. Chameleons Northwest

    Two Handsome Nosy Faly Males for sale or trade

    We have these 2 handsome Nosy Faly males for sale or trade. We have had them for 3 months now. They are wild caught and are completely acclimated to cage life. They are feasting on large crickets, buttterworms, and medium roaches. They have been treated with Reptaid and their fecals have been...
  9. Echoezra

    A couple new pics of Zelig (faly)

    I posted new pics of Zaphod, couldn't leave out the little guy!! So I snapped a couple quick shots. :)
  10. Echoezra

    New pics of Zelig, my Nosy Faly, approx. 4 months old

    New pics of Zelig from today! He's my little Nosy Faly, he's around 4 months old now (never did remember to get an exact birthday from Chameleon Nation) Zelig is a son of Raiden & Nala, & a grandson of both Screameleons' Wylde & Slash. Let's see if my new photobucket app works...
  11. Echoezra

    Couple new pictures of Zaphod & Zelig

    Took a few new pictures this week, wanted to share a couple of the better ones. This first one is Zaphod, my 10-month-old mitsio, showing a really nice bright yellow with red bars, first time I've seen him like this, it was very striking. (Usually he's mostly a pale lime green with a...
  12. Echoezra

    Introducing my new arrivals: Zelig & Zaphod

    So I got two new chameleons late on Sunday night. Managed to sneak a handful of quick pictures in here and there the last couple of days so I could show them off to you guys. They're both from Chameleon Nation. Zaphod is a Nosy Mitsio, around 10 months old. His father is Mufasa, his...
  13. Spring Awaits

    Spring Awaits

    Our Nosy Faly Baby!
  14. Toph


    2 month old Nosy Faly female just arriving home.
  15. Smelling The Flowers

    Smelling The Flowers

    Vanilla ice chilling in the flowers
  16. Mojo


    Not edited. Mojo showing some more colours.
  17. Sprinkles-- Nosy Faly

    Sprinkles-- Nosy Faly

    A different view brings new perspective :)
  18. Blue On Green

    Blue On Green

    Young Nosy Faly getting some sun
  19. Not A Happy Faly Boy :)

    Not A Happy Faly Boy :)

    Not happy with his shed but it unveiled even more beauty of my gem of a Faly :)
  20. What You Lookin' At?

    What You Lookin' At?

    WC Nosy Faly Dhaulagiri enjoying the AZ sun.
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