New pictures of Zelig (Raiden/Nala Faly)


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I gave you guys an update of Zaphod mitsio pictures, couldn't let my other guy get jealous, so here's some from his "brother". I took these last night.
Sorry for the crappy lighting, we were in the bathroom, trying to get the mirror to help him fire up.

There's a few more, but that gives you a little idea of how he's progressing. He still has quite a bit of yellow in his back legs. His chin gets really white, with some yellow flecks in it that look pretty cool when he puffs it out. But i really dont see much white except when he's sleeping. More yellow then too.
He's just too mellow to really flare up. I guess my lazy mellow personality is contagious. Lol.

Texas Panther Man

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His barring & his head.

All my raiden offspring and uours also have that elongated head with the posterior coming almost to a point.

Sherlock doesn't have that pronounced head shape nor does my wc male.


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Sleeping pictures from a month and a half ago

I just found these pictures I took of him sleeping back at the end of September. They're terrible pictures, but give a pretty good idea of how his sleeping colours lighten up a lot. so he DOES have white in him, lol, he just doesn't show it.

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