Latest pics of Zelig, my nosy faly boy


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Hey guys, it's been a while, haven't been on here much lately. Miss you guys!
I just saw some updates in some faly baby threads lately, and realized it's been ages since I posted any pics of Zelig. He's about 7 to 7.5 months now I guess, and he's grown SO MUCH, & showing his red spots a lot more now. Looking very very "manly" in a certain area too, starting to make me think about shopping for a girlfriend! haha!
Anyways, I just snapped a couple crappy in-cage pictures, so the lighting's terrible and you can't see the colour very well, but just to give you a general idea of how he's progressing.
I promise to take some better pictures next week, how's that sound? :)
So tell me what you think about him.


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He's stating to get his big boy suit! lol Seriously though looks like your doing a good job with him. Just wait the really good stuff is coming soon. He's going to explode with color in the coming months.


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Zelig looking quite handsome! You're doing a good job with him. They grow up fast so enjoy every moment with him.


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hes lookin good always love seein raiden boys, cant wait to get my group from drew..congrats he looks awesome


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Ugh gorgeous. If I ever wanted to buy another chameleon (and I had the money) I would absolutely get a Faly. So handsome!
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