1. Echoezra

    New pictures of Zelig (Raiden/Nala Faly)

    I gave you guys an update of Zaphod mitsio pictures, couldn't let my other guy get jealous, so here's some from his "brother". I took these last night. Sorry for the crappy lighting, we were in the bathroom, trying to get the mirror to help him fire up. There's a few...
  2. Echoezra

    Latest pics of Zelig, my nosy faly boy

    Hey guys, it's been a while, haven't been on here much lately. Miss you guys! I just saw some updates in some faly baby threads lately, and realized it's been ages since I posted any pics of Zelig. He's about 7 to 7.5 months now I guess, and he's grown SO MUCH, & showing his red spots a lot...
  3. Echoezra

    Advice in case a respiratory issue is coming

    Okay guys. I know this is going to sound stupid, asking about temps now after having done so much research and having the chameleons for months, but I just want to double check the exact range I'm looking for - maximums for basking and ambient, day and night time - be specific. what my ideal...
  4. Echoezra

    A couple new pics of Zelig (faly)

    I posted new pics of Zaphod, couldn't leave out the little guy!! So I snapped a couple quick shots. :)
  5. Echoezra

    Finally changed my avatar pic for you! lol.

    Happy now? Hahaha. Also, got photobucket app to work (well, sort of - still can't totally figure out editing my albums, but was able to get pictures from phone to photobucket to here, and that was the point) So there are new pictures of Zelig up in the Photography section, if you guys want...
  6. Echoezra

    New pics of Zelig, my Nosy Faly, approx. 4 months old

    New pics of Zelig from today! He's my little Nosy Faly, he's around 4 months old now (never did remember to get an exact birthday from Chameleon Nation) Zelig is a son of Raiden & Nala, & a grandson of both Screameleons' Wylde & Slash. Let's see if my new photobucket app works...
  7. Echoezra

    They've been here a month now!

    I just realized I've had these guys for a month yesterday! :eek: Time flies. No wonder Zelig's getting so BIG! Lol. I guess I'll need to get some fresh "anniversary" pictures tomorrow, huh? ;)
  8. Echoezra

    Oops... Zelig may have eaten coconut fibre..

    Okay so first off I think Zelig MAY have just accidentally gotten a little bite if soil (coconut coir). I don't have stones in that pot yet, and it was my own dumb fault because the crickets were tiny this time, and I just dumped some on the plant he was sitting on rather than placing them on...
  9. Echoezra

    Hand feeding excitement.

    Zelig ate crickets off of my finger today!!! For the first time!!! Yay!!!! My sin tried it too, and success! Woohoo! Hand-feeding...SO exciting!!! had to share. :D :D :D
  10. Echoezra

    Zelig's shedding!

    Tee hee, I don't know. That's pretty much all I have to report, just a little excited, that's all, cause it means he's healthy & growing & stuff. :) First I was freaking out, cause I went to mist him and said "holy crap, what's the matter with his eye???" And then I went "ohhh!!!" And then I...
  11. Echoezra

    Couple new pictures of Zaphod & Zelig

    Took a few new pictures this week, wanted to share a couple of the better ones. This first one is Zaphod, my 10-month-old mitsio, showing a really nice bright yellow with red bars, first time I've seen him like this, it was very striking. (Usually he's mostly a pale lime green with a...
  12. Echoezra

    Introducing my new arrivals: Zelig & Zaphod

    So I got two new chameleons late on Sunday night. Managed to sneak a handful of quick pictures in here and there the last couple of days so I could show them off to you guys. They're both from Chameleon Nation. Zaphod is a Nosy Mitsio, around 10 months old. His father is Mufasa, his...
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