Hand feeding excitement.


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Zelig ate crickets off of my finger today!!! For the first time!!! Yay!!!! My sin tried it too, and success! Woohoo! Hand-feeding...SO exciting!!! had to share. :D :D :D
the veiled i had would not eat if i were in the room. the panther i have now will hand feed it is so super cool
Yay! That's so exciting!! I completely understand how you must feel...I even posted about it back a few weeks ago when Joker finally let me. :D
Which one tho the 10 month old or the 4 month old?

Been trying but while felix will not run away anymore, there's no way he's sticking his tong near that weird looking pink branch:eek:
Been trying but while felix will not run away anymore, there's no way he's sticking his tong near that weird looking pink branch:eek:

lol. Joker was like that at first too. Once he stopped running away in utter fear, he'd just sit there and look at me like "well, what do you expect me to do?" Finally his love for silkworms overcame any hesitation he had, now he'll eat almost anything from my hand. Well except for supers, those are still a scary wriggling beast on the tip of a scary weird looking pink branch. :p
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Re: which one

It was the 4 month old faly. He's a lot less shy than the older one, but I was not expecting the hand feeding for quite a while, I was honestly just trying to put the stupid little cricket on the screen (I hate the tiny crickets, can't manoeuver them without squishing them!!) and got it redirected to my finger tip, then saw Zelig's eyes 'zero in' on it and said "oh! Really?? Okay sweet!!" and then.. Slurp! :D
As for Zaphod, the 10 month old, originally he was the braver one, eating out of a cup I was holding, then I accidentally switched cup colours one day (gave him the blue one when he was used to the yellow, and that threw him off for days, like I had betrayed him or something, so we worked our way back, lol, then one time I propped it up in a plant (didn't secure it with the wire) and he shot from far away and knocked it down. So he didn't use it for a few more days again after that. I like to mix it up, some loose on screen, some from a cup, move the cup around, hold the cup sometimes, keep some variety going. And then just when I'd won back his trust again, I tried reintroducing silkworms. Well, lol, that was a big no-no. He was terrified of them the first time, hid on other side of the cage. I thought it was because he was nervous & new, so I tried again a couple days ago. Well, he's still not over his fear. Lol. He didn't hide this time, but definitely avoided it like the plague. Haha. I even tried dusting it with spirulina to change the colour a bit, dusted it with minerall for that berry scent or flavour or whatever. I dont think he got close enough to notice! Haha. So much for silkies. :rolleyes:
Have you tried leaving the silks on a branch for him? That's what I had to do at first since Joker was afraid of them also. I plopped them on a branch and let him have all the time he needed to watch it and investigate it. It took him a bit to decide it was food and then after that he was hooked.
Re: scary silkworms

Yep, branches, vines, screen, cup. Left it there for two days even. No dice. Lol.
I've special ordered some really small ones to try with little Zelig, maybe they'll be less intimidating for Zaphod too.
Happy Birthday to me!

As a special birthday surprise, not only did Zelig eat 4 crickets from my fingers today, Zaphod ate 3 superworms from my fingers too!!!! I'm just so thrilled I can't believe it. :D
i have been feeding my new cham by hand and its pretty fun and exciting. my gf likes to smash the crix's alittle first and then hold them in her hand.:eek:
Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)
Lol, ew, squishing these itty bitty crickets is what I'm trying so hard NOT to do, haha.
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