hand feeding

  1. Foggers, Pothos, and everything in between!

    Foggers, Pothos, and everything in between!

    Welcome to This Chameleon Life! In this week's Chameleon Hour video I took you along with me as I fueled up with some Chameleon Cold brew. I did not realize the controversy this would cause. I thought there was concern tht I was drinking cold brew concentrate directly and the intensity of...
  2. jcarlsen

    Advise on hand feeding/handling

    Hey guys. So I haven't had Jasper for too long, but I figured I'd ask a few questions about getting him more used to me and such. I'm into a routine where I feed him crickets every morning by putting them in the enclosure using a red cup, so hopefully he'll start seeing that as a signal for...
  3. Beautiful4Ever

    Yay! First Hand Feed!

    Morpheus is about 7 months now and I have been trying to hand feed him with no such luck, but that was with crickets and mealworms. Just recently I ordered Dubias (to breed), Silkies (to breed also, but eggs right now), and hornworms. Both of my chams LOVE the Dubia, but wouldn't hand feed them...
  4. ChamyLove

    I feel SO bad.

    So today as usual, I went in at 2:45 (usually 2:30, but I wanted to finish eating lunch), and tried to hand feed (not so) little Oliver. He seemed REALLY interested in the worm I was holding, so I held it there a little longer than usual (about 6-7 minutes). He just kept staring at it so I...
  5. cswan19

    First try!!!

    So i read a blog of a member on this forum about taming your chameleon and gaining their trust. I'd never tried to tame my chameleon or anything. I basically just left him alone except for pictures. Well I decided I would try and hand feed him some crickets. I received him from lllreptile and to...
  6. Echoezra

    Hand feeding excitement.

    Zelig ate crickets off of my finger today!!! For the first time!!! Yay!!!! My sin tried it too, and success! Woohoo! Hand-feeding...SO exciting!!! had to share. :D :D :D
  7. B

    What do you do?

    I've asked a lot of feeding questions so far about how to get my jackson wilson to eat, but I'm still having trouble. I'm trying to get an idea of what is normal for you and your cham, so I can better gauge how well Wilson and I are doing. How often do you feed your cham? What time of...
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