I feel SO bad.


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So today as usual, I went in at 2:45 (usually 2:30, but I wanted to finish eating lunch), and tried to hand feed (not so) little Oliver. He seemed REALLY interested in the worm I was holding, so I held it there a little longer than usual (about 6-7 minutes). He just kept staring at it so I figured he might think it was too far away for him to reach (it was probably about 8-9 inches away). I moved it about 2 inches closer, and he seemed a little more on edge, but he calmed down and kept staring at it. about 3 minutes later, he was STILL just staring at it, so I moved it just a little closer. He FREAKED out. his feeding cup was right next to him and he grabbed onto that on his was to get away, and it fell from his tree!! I caught both him and his cup, and placed him on a branch, but he was so freaked out. :(

I don't want to quite trying to hand feed him, but I'm scared he will associate me with something scary now. What should I do? Should I just keep trying again tomorrow? Or give it a day or two? Help please! :confused::(

I have pretty much my daily routine, and this story also posted on my blog, if you want the whole picture.
Don't worry. Its not a big deal. Chams get spooked easily sometimes. I would try again tomorrow, I'm sure the cham will come around. Most likely all will be forgotten by tomorrow.
What kind of worm are you feeding?
I find that lethargic critters dont get the chams attention too well and they just stare at the food..
If you can get a worm thats wiggling all over, or spin it a little in your fingers, you might get him more excited..
I know that if i pinch a crickets leg between my forefinger and thumb, Then use my middle finger to flick the cricket to make it move, my cham goes crazy and zaps it from my hand... and Ive only had him for a week tomorrow.
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