1. jcarlsen

    Advise on hand feeding/handling

    Hey guys. So I haven't had Jasper for too long, but I figured I'd ask a few questions about getting him more used to me and such. I'm into a routine where I feed him crickets every morning by putting them in the enclosure using a red cup, so hopefully he'll start seeing that as a signal for...
  2. johncjb

    How to pick up a Chameleon?

    So I've had my Oustalet's Chameleon for a few months now and was wondering how I should go about holding him. At the moment he will sometimes eat from my hand but either stands still or walks away when I try to get him to walk on my hand. He stays a light grey color so I assume he isn't...
  3. Galaxy

    And suddenly he's TERRIFIED of me?

    For the past few days I've noticed that Osiris (in depth info sheet here), my 6 month-ish year old panther, has been acting skittish whenever I am near his cage for feeding or cleanup. He's generally left to his own means beyond the daily needs now that I have set up a mistking system. Used to...
  4. ChamyLove

    I feel SO bad.

    So today as usual, I went in at 2:45 (usually 2:30, but I wanted to finish eating lunch), and tried to hand feed (not so) little Oliver. He seemed REALLY interested in the worm I was holding, so I held it there a little longer than usual (about 6-7 minutes). He just kept staring at it so I...
  5. SamW

    Taking Veiled Outside

    Today is really nice out and fairly warm. I decided to take my guy outside to get some natural rays and he kind of freaked out. He got kind of low and his shape changed to a slightly abnormal figure. He also became very brown. I feel as if it may have been a natural reaction to receiving so much...
  6. Rosie42892

    He's scared to death!

    Today I put a new vine (bought from Petsmart) in my 5 month old Ambilobe's enclosure. I wrapped it around a couple of his branches and through his plants. All of a sudden, he stopped in his tracks (didn't puff up, but colored up very bright). I thought he would soon go explore (he is usually...
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