And suddenly he's TERRIFIED of me?


For the past few days I've noticed that Osiris (in depth info sheet here), my 6 month-ish year old panther, has been acting skittish whenever I am near his cage for feeding or cleanup.
He's generally left to his own means beyond the daily needs now that I have set up a mistking system.
Used to be I could hand-feed him silkworms or just have him immediately at attention for his morning allotment of crickets. Food was the only thing that seemed to bring him out of his shy demeanor.
He just finished up with shedding yesterday, and I keep finding him by his food dish all dark colors.
But today, if I even try to slowly move across the room towards his enclosure, he completely panics and runs up into the leaves to hide.

I did recently start using red solo cups to put crickets in his feeder, is the color making him uncomfortable?
Only been using the mistking for about a week, maybe the change is upsetting him? But how would I be associated with it? He didn't seem to mind at first.
He's also not nearly as terrified of my husband as he is me, which is odd, since Osiris usually LOATHES AND DESPISES my husband.

This didn't start up until I had a friend stay over a few nights on a couch in the same room. We've had plenty of people sleep on that couch before with no problems (in fact, he was usually curious about them and would come out onto his basking perch to show off), but with her he was acting very shy.
The completely terrified act didn't start up until after she was gone for two or three days.

Is this just a phase? Hormones? Delayed stress from the few changes maybe? He seems healthy otherwise. Eating well (as long as I'm nowhere near the cage). Good urates. No injuries that I can see. Clean breathing.
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