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    Vet Visit: Vitamin A Deficiency

    Earlier in the week I'd noticed Osiris having problems with his eyes. Lots of blinking and rubbing on vines, a bit of fluid in one that I cleared up with some saline solution. He'd also been swallowing a lot. Being the paranoid 'parent' that I am, I took my VERY angry little lizard into the vet...
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    Osiris the GodKingmeleon

    Decided to make a photo thread for my little guy. Today was "big-boy-cage-day". I lured him out of the partially disassembled old cage to his window-tree so I could work. Silly critter decided he preferred the back of the chair instead, then spent the rest of the time trying to figure out the...
  3. Galaxy

    Lil Osiris fell asleep in his tree

    I lost track of time while keeping an eye on him and playing video games, noticed that he was being rather quiet since I usually track his leaf-crinkling noises for location. Found the pretty boy dreaming happily. :p Age: 7 months
  4. Galaxy

    And suddenly he's TERRIFIED of me?

    For the past few days I've noticed that Osiris (in depth info sheet here), my 6 month-ish year old panther, has been acting skittish whenever I am near his cage for feeding or cleanup. He's generally left to his own means beyond the daily needs now that I have set up a mistking system. Used to...
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  6. My boy Osiris

    My boy Osiris

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