Yay! First Hand Feed!


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Morpheus is about 7 months now and I have been trying to hand feed him with no such luck, but that was with crickets and mealworms. Just recently I ordered Dubias (to breed), Silkies (to breed also, but eggs right now), and hornworms. Both of my chams LOVE the Dubia, but wouldn't hand feed them and then today the hornworms finally got to a descent size to feed (they were TINY when I got them) and I decided to try and hand feed Morpheus his first hornworm. At first he wouldn't take it while he was in his enclosure...so I thought what the hay and took him out. While he was perched on my hand, I had the hornworm in the palm of my other hand and at first he was like "what in the world is this thing" and then he went for it! He loves them! Sorry for the lengthy post on this, but it's just SOOO exciting! :D

Next time I will try when hubby is home so we can get pics or video :p My hands were occupied :p


the first time they feed from your hand is so satisfying! shows that they trust you and don't view you as a threat! Its an exciting day indeed!:)
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