1. Yum!! That bug stood no chance!

    Yum!! That bug stood no chance!

    Nachito doing what she does best! Eating! I didn’t know they had such a prominent vein in their tongue.
  2. Funny face!

    Funny face!

    I never really thought about how funny the faces chameleons make when eating ate lol
  3. Dex vs Katydid

    Dex vs Katydid

    Nom nom nom
  4. C

    new veiled is a pig and eats like a champ! pics

    I just got my cham, a 2 1/2 yr old proven breeder male. I take him out every morning and put him on a bird playstand (the wood is big and gnarly so my parrots are afraid of it) so now its a cham stand hahah I feed him either from my hand or on the stand (for slower moving bugs) This guy eats...
  5. OptimusCham

    Locusts are eating my plants!

    This may have already been asked & answered but I don't have time to search for an answer, sorry. I've recently put some live plants into my cham's enclosure & with all the locusts in there, they've suffered majorly! What I'd like to know is which plants are save for chams but locusts/crickets...
  6. scs

    Is Iggy eating sand!?!????

    My veiled female (somewhere between 8 and 11 months old) is currently sitting on a branch over her nesting box and repeatedly flicking her tongue out onto the sand. There aren't any bugs down there!!! She has never taken any interest in going into or near her box, and now all at once she is...
  7. AdventuringChameleon

    Fertilizer... Yum

    Hey Everyone! So Mowgli has gotten into this great habit of going down to the bottom of his umbrella plant to snatch up a little piece of fertilizer from the soil. We have some spanish moss over the top of the soil to try and cover it up and deter him, but sometimes he even will go for the...
  8. melble68

    Great Slow Motion video.... My brother sent this to me. Incredible slow motion video of chameleons eating. Wow that's awesome.
  9. Beautiful4Ever

    Yay! First Hand Feed!

    Morpheus is about 7 months now and I have been trying to hand feed him with no such luck, but that was with crickets and mealworms. Just recently I ordered Dubias (to breed), Silkies (to breed also, but eggs right now), and hornworms. Both of my chams LOVE the Dubia, but wouldn't hand feed them...
  10. Beautiful4Ever

    Morpheus' 1st Praying Mantis!

    He got soooo excited for this new food option this morning. :D We let the mantis be in our small cricket keeper for a few days with food so he could "cleanse" his system lol. Right when we put the mantis in Morpheus' enclosure, he displayed some beautiful greens and blues. Cannot wait to...
  11. G

    Food and Supplement Help Needed

    My veiled cham is about 18 months old, he had a fall a while ago and I have been nursing him back and he has made improvements, here is the link to previous thread for when he fell. ( We have been feeding him by hand...
  12. waynederby

    Beautiful Photo of Yoshi eating

    Can be seen at:
  13. OfficialChameleon

    Funny - Tropical Hibiscus Trimming

    Hey Guys! So I made this new oak enclosure for my veiled cham, and the plant in it is a tropical hibiscus, I chose this plant because it is safe for chams to eat, I've seen him eat a few leaves.. But when I looked in his enclosure and saw that most of the soft, green stems were all gone and...
  14. Raphael1047

    *update* chameleon not eating and burn on head

    I posted about a week ago about my panther chameleon's burn and her eating.I just wanted to update everyone about her and i had a few questions.The burn is probably a infection but I have been putting antibiotics every day. She has started eating again but I don't know how much to feed a gravid...
  15. J

    New panther not eating much. please help.

    Hi. I got 2 baby ambilobe panthers 9 days ago. A 4 month old male and a 3 month old female. The male is doing great but the female isn't eating much at all. She is active and I have seen her drink but she is only eating 1 or 2 small crix a day. The first day we had her she ate some dubia...
  16. LuckyFitto

    New video of my new cham !!

    Here she is !... i took this new video of her coming down from her vines to much on some meal worms... enjoy !
  17. Thezillaman21

    Chameleon is acting strange

    My k. Multi always was a little skittish around my hands I noticed earlier that he was showing intrest in the feeding tongues. I am currently sick and fell asleep waiting for the misting I had recently done to dry. I just woke up and realized his lutes were still on while hitting the off...
  18. Zajlol

    Chameleon not eating crickets

    Hi so at the reptile show in Vegas I got a new cage for my cam and in his smaller cage he ate predict but now he won't eat the ckrickets and when I offer him a worm he will eat it right away, why I need help he won't eat anything but the worm and I only fed him one because I knew that they could...
  19. BrandonBeahm

    Sticking His Tongue Out At Me!

    I managed to catch a picture of Fluffy sticking his tongue out at me :p (this is my first time trying to catch a picture like this, next time I'll have to borrow my sisters digital SLR camera) Please post your own pictures of your chameleons sticking their tongue out! I love seeing...
  20. antithesis123

    My Veiled eating a snack!

    He just started eating out of my hand!!! I got him as an adult and he's been super timid but he's coming around. I have other cool videos on my page too at Youtube
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