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My veiled cham is about 18 months old, he had a fall a while ago and I have been nursing him back and he has made improvements, here is the link to previous thread for when he fell.


We have been feeding him by hand with a couple small mealworms a day, some grape pieces as well, we dust them with multi vit and calcium with d3. We havent seen him poop in a while until the other day, he needed some help with it bc it got him dirty (big poop) and then later that day he nailed a fly outside for the first time in about 2 months. I just bought him a new cage to replace the homemade one, and i think its a better set up for him. Temperature is right around 28 degrees Celsius. I have heard mealworms are hard for them to digest and im sure he is getting bored of them as he doesn't seem interested in them at all. He also doesnt seem to want to eat the crickets. We put a fly in the cage and couldn't find the fly in there.

Long story short I am asking for help in terms of what else I should give him and with what supplements. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
I am glad to hear that he is starting to eat again on his own. I recommend using superworms instead of mealworms and try some silkworm, butter worms and hornworms. They would be excellent for him. Keep offering him crickets. My veileds have always like crickets. Grapes usually make my guys go to the
bathroom. :) You should also offer some other fruits and veggies.

For supplements you need to use plain calcium the most and only use calcium with d3 twice a months and the same with the multi vit. only twice a month. At his age for his basking temp I recommend 89 degrees.

Below is my blog for keeping veileds. You should find it helpful. Good luck with him.
Thank you for all the help, ill definitely check out the blog, I am sure I can use lots. He used to love hornworms and the last time I tried he just looked at it, but that was before he caught the fly, he has had silk worms in the past, but I have never heard of butter worms, I don't think anyone carries them near me.
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