1. aeolis23

    What are all the ingrediënts of powder supplement for?

    Hey People are often talking about the D3 or the phosphor or the beta carotene or whatever in powder supplements. I never have any clue why this is all so important, so now I just want to know for everything in the box what it is for. What happens when they have lack of it? What happens...
  2. sanitysake

    Question: Greens & pieces of fruit for adult panther chameleon?

    Hello! What experiences have you had with feeding your panthers fruits and veggies? I have not yet tried to feed mine (1 yr old), and I do not know if he has had them in the past, since I got him when he was about 8 mo old. I've heard that panthers generally don't eat as many fruits/veggies...
  3. G

    Food and Supplement Help Needed

    My veiled cham is about 18 months old, he had a fall a while ago and I have been nursing him back and he has made improvements, here is the link to previous thread for when he fell. ( We have been feeding him by hand...
  4. SamW

    Constant Peeling / Escape

    Hey all, So lately my almost 2 year old veiled male has constantly had some peeled skin (specifically around his 'yellow stripes') and it will not go away. I understand that shedding is a determinant of health quality (in relation to diet, lighting, hydration, etc.), but I believe that he has...
  5. kelsxox

    Extra Calcium/Pooping?/Feeding. HELP

    Umm soo my chameleon has MBD, i'm treating her right now with T-Rex Bone Aid Emmergency Calcium.. plus dusting her crickets with a little bit of calcium without d3 everyday.. Could this cause constipation like it does for humans? It took her two days too poop.. Just before i wrote this i saw her...
  6. TyggyToo

    Hand Feeding -- I'm smitten!

    I just had SUCH an oxytocin surge its scary. Shayna took a Phoenix worm out of my hand...then another and another...I held a cup for her and she ate a Dubia. Having her little tongue just reach out and whack that worm in my hand was sooo sweet! This chameleon has gotten me seriously...
  7. ScreamingIncognito

    eating habits of panthers

    so my panther chameleon has been eating quite well since ive got him though i never see him drink and when he does its only ever off his plastic circle thermometer(in my dp) not the plants or anything. but his eyes are not sunken or anything and sometimes i only give my crickets moist guy load...
  8. B

    feeding chameleons exclusively on silk worms?

    Hi, i've heard afew people say that one a panther chameleon turns 6 months old you can feed them silk worms as a staple instead of crickets, i know that silk worms are lower fat so tell me what you think ;)
  9. pennington

    Do gut loading ingredients differ depending on Chameleon species?

    Does gut loading ingredients differ depending on Chameleon species? Are their ingredients that shouldn't be fed to insects for feeding to Chameleons depending on species? I have recently posted a thread on the use of Kale and it got me thinking. Would a Panther Chameleon require thier bugs...
  10. Schmitt360

    Easy to breed feeders??

    Question?? I've been breeding Dubai's and Superworms for my panthers for a while now. What would be a GREAT easy to breed feeder that would give my chameleon's more of a variety to their diet? (silkworms, waxworms, hornworms, exc... ) What do you think?
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