Do gut loading ingredients differ depending on Chameleon species?


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Does gut loading ingredients differ depending on Chameleon species?

Are their ingredients that shouldn't be fed to insects for feeding to Chameleons depending on species?

I have recently posted a thread on the use of Kale and it got me thinking. Would a Panther Chameleon require thier bugs to be fed different food stuffs to those bugs that are to be fed to a veiled?
I think the widest possible variety of gutload is good for any lizard really, never considered tailoring gutload per species!
I would think its very hard to know the exact nutritional content of given insects and it might prove very 'hit & miss' to try to do so.
Certainly some things should be avoided for certain reasons, aka spinach, too high in iron and has oxalate's that bind calcium, excessive protein, may lead to gout etc.
I would expect in the wild there would be difference between the diets of insects eaten in Madagascar as compared to Yemen, but weather that is significant or not in captivity I couldn't say.
Most gutloads would not be what wild insects are eating anyway, this is a reason I believe wild insects are a terrific food resource.
Very interesting Question, Id love to hear what sandrachameleon might think. :)

That said, there are certain gutloads made by experienced people here that are specific to montane chameleons or "regular" chameleons. Montanes seem to have a harder time with supplements and stuff, so it makes sense to me.
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