1. Long tongue

    Long tongue

    Panther chameleon stretches out his tongue.
  2. Whatever it Takes

    Whatever it Takes

    Panther chameleon stands on his back legs when a silk worm appears.
  3. AdventuringChameleon

    Tongue Issues :(

    Hi all, Recently Mowgli has been having some tongue issues. It seems like he's perfectly healthy in every other way except this. He's been passing poo fine and just pooped a huge, healthy looking, hydrated poop today. I'll post pictures of that, too, in case the poo isn't as healthy-looking as...
  4. amalthea23

    Tongue Use Question

    I have a 10 month old male panther chameleon, and I have a question about his tongue. When he eats on his own, loose bugs in the cage, he occasionally misses, but otherwise, is fine. When I hand feed him, it seems like his tongue doesn't fully extend and when it does, it's not "sticky." That is...
  5. scs

    Is Iggy eating sand!?!????

    My veiled female (somewhere between 8 and 11 months old) is currently sitting on a branch over her nesting box and repeatedly flicking her tongue out onto the sand. There aren't any bugs down there!!! She has never taken any interest in going into or near her box, and now all at once she is...
  6. MadiiMcMB

    Funny Thing Happened, Question?

    :eek: Well, today I tried hand-feeding my little Milton some wax worms, and all was fine and fun and games, until he missed and his tongue got stuck to my finger. He couldn't pull his tongue off, so he reeled himself in like reverse fishing, and snap! He latched onto my finger! My questions...
  7. melble68

    Great Slow Motion video.... My brother sent this to me. Incredible slow motion video of chameleons eating. Wow that's awesome.
  8. G

    Food and Supplement Help Needed

    My veiled cham is about 18 months old, he had a fall a while ago and I have been nursing him back and he has made improvements, here is the link to previous thread for when he fell. ( We have been feeding him by hand...
  9. J

    Tongue damaged?

    I noticed today that my female veiled has what seems to be a damaged tongue. She is hungry and keeps shooting at food but the end of her rather that shoots out straight it flops around from the side then doesn't stick to the food. It seems like its not returned to the mouth properly. It is also...
  10. Goldenarcher1328

    Chameleon Tongues And How They Work. A brief explanation on the mechanics.

    As an owner of chameleons it has fascinated me that they're tongues are used with such speed, grace and precision. After doing my research, i've decided to put up a post on what i have learned and how i see it. Feel free to pitch in more info or correct me if i have something backwards. :) At...
  11. LuckyFitto

    New video of my new cham !!

    Here she is !... i took this new video of her coming down from her vines to much on some meal worms... enjoy !
  12. BrandonBeahm

    Sticking His Tongue Out At Me!

    I managed to catch a picture of Fluffy sticking his tongue out at me :p (this is my first time trying to catch a picture like this, next time I'll have to borrow my sisters digital SLR camera) Please post your own pictures of your chameleons sticking their tongue out! I love seeing...
  13. farrahsc

    I'm a horrible Cham mommy :(

    I've really debated on posting this but my hope is maybe one day it will help someone else. My WC Senegal juvenile that hasn't been acclimating very well had a major accident night before last. He has only eaten 6 crickets in the 2 weeks he has been with me and even with misting 4 times a...
  14. ferretinmyshoes

    This is how you eat without a tongue

    My veiled injured his tongue 2 years ago when it got stuck on a stray piece of wire from the screen in his cage (which is why I don't use metal screen anymore) and since then it won't shoot straight. It was kind of funny watching it shoot off in the wrong direction but he got so discouraged he...
  15. ilovechameleons


    Hey Guys, I had another photo shoot last week with some panthers. Here's one I got with the tongue. I think it's awesome. Let me know what you think!!
  16. DJnSoCal

    Missing the "Target" with Tongue

    Greetings: We have a new female ambilobe that has was cup fed and we would like to free-range her. My concern comes because she has difficulty hitting the "target" with her tongue. She seems to always strike above the target... as much as a dozen times before she gets very close and nails...
  17. N

    veiled cham-eating problems-back to crickets

    my cham has gone through many many hundreds of dollars worth of health problems in the last few months... anyways we are working our way back from baby food to crickets for the 4th time (he's gotten spoiled on veal, ham, and beef baby food lol) and i noticed three times in the last two days that...
  18. Death Of A Cricket

    Death Of A Cricket

    An action shot of my veiled, Apollo, eating a tasty cricket
  19. Out For Lunch

    Out For Lunch

    Naboo snags an Indian Walking Stick insect during his photoshoot.
  20. Feeding Time

    Feeding Time

    Felt so guilty taking this - the flash made him overbalance :D Lol
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