1. DragoLikesReptiles

    Any other feeders I should try?

    Hello, I'm thinking of getting other feeders for my 7 1/2 month old Panther chameleon. I currently feed him crickets, hornworms, silkworms, and butterworms. I will get Dubias, but I don't know where to get them. Any other things I should try? (I live in California)
  2. ChameLIonLover

    Feeding an 8 month young cham

    Hi guys, currently got my guy eatingL 1. crickets regularly (a few every other day) 2. super worms (a couple every other day) 3. dubia roaches (one or two every other day or two) 4. blue bottle flies (every other day or two). meal worms as a treat I've recently started a colony of...
  3. wmacintosh

    How to stop cricket die-offs?!

    So here is my problem... I house all my crickets for the week in a 27QT/26L plastic container with a hole cut into the top of it for air. I feed crickets my random weekly gut load. Usually a mix of dandelion greens, mustard greens, sweet potato, Repashy super pig, berries and a few weekly...
  4. sandrachameleon

    What I have gutloaded with this week

    Hi I've been noting what I used as gutload this week. Im curious, what have you been offering?
  5. zelphos

    Chameleon never wants to eat?

    I rescued my veiled chameleon on Christmas last year, he is quite older, 3 1/2-4 years old is what I was told, he was kept in a tiny 2 ft by 2ft screen enclosure you buy at the pet store with no plants or climbing material, he was so skinny you could literally see his bones and he was very dark...
  6. NosyBe15

    Over feeding? What do you think?

    My 9.5 month old male panther seems to always just want to eat. The second I come around the cage he instantly goes into hunt mode looking at my hands. Starting to stick his tounge out even tough they are empty. In the morning I give him 10-12 med crickets. Which he usually eats allnof them...
  7. Rango black

    Can't get my Veiled Chameleon off locusts and onto crickets!!

    I always see on this from more experienced owners that crickets are much better food for chameleons but I can't get mines to eat crickets, he actually looks scared of them, but he will snap up locusts no bother. Is this a problem?
  8. G

    Food and Supplement Help Needed

    My veiled cham is about 18 months old, he had a fall a while ago and I have been nursing him back and he has made improvements, here is the link to previous thread for when he fell. ( We have been feeding him by hand...
  9. G

    My Chameleon Fell

    So my chameleon fell two days ago and took about a 30inch fall right onto the hardwood. It sounded like he hit really hard and now he has been acting all funny since and I'm not exactly sure what to do. He is a full grown male veiled. He hasnt been moving around in his cage very much and just...
  10. BatCity93

    Best food for chameleon food?

    Hi, can someone tell me what they feed their feeders, i just began to grow a population of Madagascar hissing cockroach, and i do not want to feed them junk, like dog food or such, because as you may all know, your chameleon eats what ever your feeders eat. So again, what would any of you...
  11. cswan19

    250-500 crickets

    So I've been noticing how much money i've spent on crickets and I have to buy new crickets every few days as my baby veiled eats about 8-15 small crickets a day. So I was looking online for feeder crickets in order to save money. I found both 250 and 500 crickets for fairly cheap. As of right...
  12. SamW

    A Real Treat

    So.. I was wondering, what's a REAL treat for my veiled chameleon? He regularly eats crickets, meal and wax worms, some fruit, solemnly red peppers and zucchini, and hopefully soon some other vegetables: kale, mustard greens, and sweet potatoes, but I am wondering what is the ultimate treat...
  13. B

    Are fruit flies a good feeder?

    I was wandering if i should buy a fruit fly culture to add more variety to my chameleons diet. Are fruit flies a good feeder?
  14. B

    How many times a day should I feed my baby panther?

    Hi I just got my baby nosy ankarea chameleon and was wandering how many times a day to feed him he is eating 3rd crickets and I am picking up locusts at the store tomorrow right now he eats one in the morning, around five in the afternoon and one about two hours before lights out. Should I only...
  15. B

    Are snails a good feeder?

    I have heard that you can feed snails to chameleons on some websites isn't the shell of the snail extremely hard to digest let alone eat or is it a good feeder? Thanks
  16. B

    Will chameleons just eat and eat and eat?

    I am not really sure if this is a stupid question but I was wandering whether chameleons are like dogs where you could lay out 10 bowls of food and it would eat it all and throw up later. Or will the chameleon eat until it has had enough and is no longer hungry?
  17. TyggyToo

    Hand Feeding -- I'm smitten!

    I just had SUCH an oxytocin surge its scary. Shayna took a Phoenix worm out of my hand...then another and another...I held a cup for her and she ate a Dubia. Having her little tongue just reach out and whack that worm in my hand was sooo sweet! This chameleon has gotten me seriously...
  18. MyChameleonIsBro

    How do chameleons get all these nutrients in the wild?

    There's so many different powders and diets and nutrients we're suppose to keep up with for our beloved chameleons but how do they hold up undomesticated and in the wild? _______________ New Video Soon
  19. MOsKeeper

    Vitamin suplements

    Ok so as well as my Cham, i also have 2 crested geckos that iv had for almost a year now. Even since i got them the only thing ive ever fed them is the Rapshy Creested Geecko Diet (along with some crickets for treats). The stuff is great, and i was walkin through my local pet store and found...
  20. Zajlol

    Pictures of sambavas

    Hey so I was bored and I really want to see other peoples sambavas. If you have a sambava panther chameleon you should post a pic here! :)
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