Feeding an 8 month young cham

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  1. Hi guys, currently got my guy eatingL
    1. crickets regularly (a few every other day)
    2. super worms (a couple every other day)
    3. dubia roaches (one or two every other day or two)
    4. blue bottle flies (every other day or two).
    meal worms as a treat

    I've recently started a colony of dubia, although my cham has not really taken a liking to them, as he does not eat them too regularly, and not in too large of a quantity.

    Going to try silk worms or horn worms in a week or two from coastal silkworms.

    Anyways, he'll maybe eat 3 or so bugs a day and I do not think it is enough. I feel like he should probably eating more since he has entered his youth and is on his way to becoming an adult. Any suggestions? Thanks :]
  2. freddyf385

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    As he gets older his food intake will become less. Over feeding him may cause MBD due to calcium ratio misjudge.
  3. He's only 8 months old though and still has a lot of growing to do. I am going to start feeding every other day

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