1. Lidee

    Vitamin D3 Overdose

    Hi, I've hear a lot of ppl mentioning the possibility of Vit D3 overdose. Has anyone actually had it happen to their animals? Does anyone have any idea what the actual symptoms look like?
  2. ChameLIonLover

    Feeding an 8 month young cham

    Hi guys, currently got my guy eatingL 1. crickets regularly (a few every other day) 2. super worms (a couple every other day) 3. dubia roaches (one or two every other day or two) 4. blue bottle flies (every other day or two). meal worms as a treat I've recently started a colony of...
  3. SimonTheCham

    jackson cham nutrition questions

    we are feeding my female jacksons cham calcium without d3 twice a week, multivitamin once a month, and calcium with d3 once a month. were guyloading her crix with carrots a little bit of blueberries a little bit of raspberries oatmeal apple orange with peal and romaine lettuce. is this good...
  4. sandrachameleon

    What I have gutloaded with this week

    Hi I've been noting what I used as gutload this week. Im curious, what have you been offering?
  5. Lathis

    Jackson's Cham - Tongue Issues = Nutritional Imbalance?

    I have a 1-year old Jackson's chameleon (Ferdinand). Over the past few weeks, I have been noticing issues with the length and accuracy of this tongue strike. His appetite seems fine, but he is definitely having issues catching food. I don't believe it is a tongue injury since it is worsening...
  6. sandrachameleon

    Vitamin B Sources

    Blog entry listing sources of Vitamin B: B vitamins are important for: The breakdown of carbohydrates into glucose, and breakdown of fats and proteins (metabolizing /energy production) The nervous system...
  7. sandrachameleon

    Green Leafy Goodness

    Some info on a few of the common green leafy gutload items that many of you already know about, but which I hope some of you will nevertheless find useful…. Arugula (aka Rocket) A good source of Protein...
  8. txskunk

    Gutload *Cucumber* safe?

    just curious if cucumber is a safe for gutloading with, don't want to make my leezard sick or something. Thanks and good day TxSkunk......
  9. sandrachameleon

    Nutritional Values in a variety of common gutload items

    For your interest: Nutrients in Mustard Greens Nutrients in Romaine Lettuce Nutrients in Collard Greens...
  10. sandrachameleon

    Kelp (seaweed)

    Is anyone using fresh bull kelp as a gutload? I've been using dried kelp in my dry gutload for awhile now. But I prefer to primarily use a wet gutload. Buying dried kelp isnt cheap and not always easy to find, but fresh kelp is free (since I live by the ocean). I thought after the next storm...
  11. sandrachameleon

    Nutrients in Squash, Oranges, Sunflower Seeds, Dandelion Leaves

    Values as reported by The Agricultural Research Service Nutritional Database Nutrients in Squash: Nutrients in Oranges...
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