Nutrients in Squash, Oranges, Sunflower Seeds, Dandelion Leaves

nick barta

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I found the nutritional value of dandelion worth trying, it is really bitter in my salad......:D

Miss Lily

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Sandra, where do you find all your fascinating statistics? I think I'll grow some dandelion leaves for my silkies! Until yesterday I didn't think they eat anything other than chow or Mulberry leaves, lol!


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:) that info is from a (public) government database. I look up all sorts of stuff there for my own personal health, and of course as relates to gutloading.
I wouldnt use dandelion for silkies under an cm in length, and through experimentation I found that its best if the silkworm diet is at least 50% mulberry chow (or mulberry leaves) thereafter. They will switch from dandelion to chow and back easily. I've also used yam and carrot as a gutload for silkies, but only for those that I plan to feed off to the chameleons in the next few hours. I suspect too much non-mulberry food will reduce the lifespan of the silkworm.
But anyhow, if you're not already using dandelion as part of your gutload for insects, and if you can grow it, go for it. Its a very nutritious food.
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