Morpheus' 1st Praying Mantis!


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He got soooo excited for this new food option this morning. :D

We let the mantis be in our small cricket keeper for a few days with food so he could "cleanse" his system lol. Right when we put the mantis in Morpheus' enclosure, he displayed some beautiful greens and blues.

Cannot wait to introduce him to the Dubias, silkworms, and hookworms that are being delivered!

BTW...sorry for the camera angle, Morpheus would not do anything if I was too close and he took FOREVER to actually eat it...I think he was trying to figure out what it was first lol :p

If anyone can tell me how to get a video uploaded here...please comment! I have tried to upload a file and a url and no such luck, either it says the file is too large or invalid.

Thanks again!
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