1. Toad on a Branch

    Toad on a Branch

    Toad is a 3 months old male veiled :)
  2. Tinman


    He hides behind the leaves, He does not like to get sprayed by the water bottle. He was just checking to see if it was safe to come out now .
  3. Babyface


    Baby ambilobe
  4. Veiled Chameleon Colors

    Veiled Chameleon Colors

    !!LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!! Hey everyone,This video is all about about the types of Veiled Chameleon colours and what they mean. I hope this video helps...
  5. Top Items That Make Owning A Chameleon Easier

    Top Items That Make Owning A Chameleon Easier

    !!!LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!!! Hey everyone I hope you enjoy this video, if you have any suggestions for making chameleon keeping easier I'd love to hear...
  6. Dex vs Katydid

    Dex vs Katydid

    Nom nom nom
  7. betzjen

    US Ambilobe Panther Male $275 plus ship

    We are offering this amazing Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. He is 4.5 months old. Eating large crickets and showing some amazing colors. His sire is Floki a beautiful Orange bodied blue bar. If you are looking for a quality chameleon either as a pet or for your breeding project this is your...
  8. Renoir the Melleri Chameleon

    Renoir the Melleri Chameleon

    Our Meller’s , “Renny”. He has such a sweet little soul.
  9. Apollo is.... already picking up hoes

    Apollo is.... already picking up hoes

    We have tiny gardening tools that we set in our plants. He didn't mind it.
  10. sacmaverick

    Adult Cap Est. Panther Chameleon

    W have a beautiful Cap Est. Panther Chameleon available to a good home. We purchased 2 brothers and only need one of them. He is approx 12 months and eating like a champ. Not manu full grown Cap Est.s can be found so dont miss out. 350 + Shipping or local pick up available...
  11. sacmaverick

    Ambilobe Male - Special

    Ambilobe Cross most likely after showing more color. I dont work with Crosses so this guy needs a home. Hes is about 12 months, eats whatever i throw at him. Supers, Roaches, Crickets. Looking to Trade for other liniage or 225 CASH + Shipping
  12. slowly getting away

    slowly getting away

  13. H

    Beautiful male Ambilobe, Price negotiable

    I have a beautiful male Ambilobe, named Judah, that I do not have the time for any longer. I recently got a new job and cannot provide the proper care to keep this guy happy as I would like. He is about 5 years old, but dont have an exact birth date. He is very docile and nice. He has never...
  14. King Da Cham!

    King Da Cham!

  15. C

    My male Veiled showing off

    I got him at the NH Reptile show back in March as 2yr old and he is looking as handsome as ever outside! His change of colors is phenomenal to me, enjoy!
  16. C

    Mystery Plants! Help me identify please!

    Just went to my local awesome pet store and they always have cool new rep stuff. In their plant room they had these two plants that I liked. Both hanging. Would love to put the first one in my cham cage cause its thick and would handle him climbing on it. BUT are they SAFE for my veiled...
  17. P

    Very Nice Yellow Body Blue Bar Females available. Sire: Leo

    We have some very nice Yellow Body Blue Bar Ambilobe Females for sale. They carry fantastic genetics and will produce amazing offspring. Great deals for multiples Females - $115 + shipping [email protected] Live arrival and 7 day health guarantee
  18. Lunirra

    Jade's 'then and now' photo!

    Here is Jade the day I got her (Feb. 19) and then again today (May 28). They grow so unbelievably fast! The photo of her as a baby, she was on my 6yr old daughter's hand. She was so tiny! :P Looks like 2 completely different Chameleons!
  19. The Bearded Derek

    Is this setup good enough?

    Just yesterday I finished making a new setup for my Veiled chameleon and so far I think it came it rather decent. His floor is repti-carpet (Those pebbles are there to push down the carpet, since it isn't completely flat, some crickets might be able to go under it, so I need to fix that. Should...
  20. zelink14

    Help with taming panther?

    Hi all! I've had my 7 month old male panther for three months now, and I've been working on getting him more familiar with me. For awhile I was only pulling him out twice a week to bask in the sun, and he seemed sort of okay with that. An acquaintance of mine, who used to breed panthers...
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