1. Heart bar club

    Heart bar club

    Charlotte looking out for her Valentine's
  2. Young Lily

    Young Lily

    Lily enjoying her favorite branch while soaking up the heat
  3. Pretty Baby

    Pretty Baby

    From my first clutch of chameleon babies. Born just over two weeks ago.
  4. 20210104_052328.jpg


    Tin man on his hammock I made for him out of ropes and Jung to the ceiling
  5. 9638C5D8-40FB-460C-AC06-D6768C1EE588.jpeg


  6. 20201220_080113.jpg


    Tinman just hanging out dec 2020
  7. 20201220_075401.jpg


    Tinman hiding behind leaf
  8. 20201220_080245.jpg


    Tinman dec2020
  9. IMG_20200103_220523338(1).jpg


    Trying to build tinmans trust
  10. Mark's Chameleons

    US Baby & Juvenile Veiled Chameleons for Sale

    Baby & Juvenile Veiled Chameleons for Sale - Both males and females are currently available. The cost is $60 each. Available for Pickup (Armonk, NY) or Shipping (via FedEx Priority Overnight). Bulk pricing is also available. I have been keeping reptiles for over twenty years. I hatch and...
  11. Toad on a Branch

    Toad on a Branch

    Toad is a 3 months old male veiled :)
  12. Tinman


    He hides behind the leaves, He does not like to get sprayed by the water bottle. He was just checking to see if it was safe to come out now .
  13. Babyface


    Baby ambilobe
  14. Veiled Chameleon Colors

    Veiled Chameleon Colors

    !!LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!! Hey everyone,This video is all about about the types of Veiled Chameleon colours and what they mean. I hope this video helps...
  15. Top Items That Make Owning A Chameleon Easier

    Top Items That Make Owning A Chameleon Easier

    !!!LIKE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!!! Hey everyone I hope you enjoy this video, if you have any suggestions for making chameleon keeping easier I'd love to hear...
  16. Dex vs Katydid

    Dex vs Katydid

    Nom nom nom
  17. betzjen

    US Ambilobe Panther Male $275 plus ship

    We are offering this amazing Ambilobe Panther Chameleon. He is 4.5 months old. Eating large crickets and showing some amazing colors. His sire is Floki a beautiful Orange bodied blue bar. If you are looking for a quality chameleon either as a pet or for your breeding project this is your...
  18. Renoir the Melleri Chameleon

    Renoir the Melleri Chameleon

    Our Meller’s , “Renny”. He has such a sweet little soul.
  19. Apollo is.... already picking up hoes

    Apollo is.... already picking up hoes

    We have tiny gardening tools that we set in our plants. He didn't mind it.
  20. sacmaverick

    Adult Cap Est. Panther Chameleon

    W have a beautiful Cap Est. Panther Chameleon available to a good home. We purchased 2 brothers and only need one of them. He is approx 12 months and eating like a champ. Not manu full grown Cap Est.s can be found so dont miss out. 350 + Shipping or local pick up available...
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