Zelig's shedding!


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Tee hee, I don't know. That's pretty much all I have to report, just a little excited, that's all, cause it means he's healthy & growing & stuff. :)
First I was freaking out, cause I went to mist him and said "holy crap, what's the matter with his eye???" And then I went "ohhh!!!" And then I went "awww!!!" And then I misted him alot, and watched him blink his little white eye, so weird. And then I left. And then I said "what am I thinking??" And then I went back and snapped a picture. lol.
Lol. Did you like my story?
yep i did the same thing when my girl shed lol ran back for picture not sure she wanted it took lol it is on my gallery did not know how to move it hope the rest of the shedding goes well for you :)
Well, I had to work last night so I had to miss all of the shedding fun, hewas all done this morning when we woke up. He kept his scraps nicely centralized on his hibiscus, not scattered over every square inch of the cage like Zaphod did, lol.
Could be my imagination, but he seems extra blue today. I took him out for a little bit and brought him to this little sliver of sunshine coming in the window, and just sat really still with him for a bit, it was so nice! :)
In the sun he seemed to show little tinges of a lime green on his cheeks and small sections of his spine. I love it!!! ( im really hoping for those yellow cheeks)
so exciting, LoL my Camo was starting a shed last night and i went to work this morn, came home to find him all finished except for a foot, so then i go look at my Gizmo and i guess he felt left out and had done a complet shed while i was at work, if there wasnt skin all over i wouldnt even have know..i love these guys!!!!
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