reggie update!!


I’m going to preface this by saying two things:

1) This is a happy post!!

2)Skip to eight section to skip the story time.

I went to my usual cricket place and the lady recognized me and asked about his appointment. When we told her, another person told us that we should go to another vet, and that this time, it was a personal recommendation and not a sponsor of the company. They also started recommending the second vet as well since they were both appalled by the last vet’s actions and behavior.

I made the UVB change and had started looking for more plants and hand misting (along with mistking) throughout the day whenever I walked by to raise humidity, and with zero improvement, my mother made the appointment for Reginald.

The vet walked in and was super stoked to meet him and excited to hold him and such. He was even shocked about my travel enclosure being decked out.

He quizzed me, had me pull up pictures, and even offered to let me borrow his solar meter. He was holding Reginald above his box less than half a foot the whole time, even before he knew Reggie had been dropped by his last vet.

I have never seen the colors on Reginald, and the way he acted was as if he knew that the vet was a good person. I’m surprised he was climbing around that much yet was so calm.

Near the mid point, he weighed him, and he gained three grams in that one week.

I know it’s hard to tell without being at the appointment and with such little detail, but I had no faith in a good vet walking in, but it was more of a last ditch effort. It turned out to be a wonderful experience. The guy actually knew what he was talking about, has a genuine passion for all reptiles, AND was talking about his other chameleon patients he had seen. He saw another panther earlier that day that was eight years old!! I am lucky and shocked I came across this vet!!

It has been one week and we weighed him just now. HE GAINED 8 GRAMS!!!! His eyes are a lot better (still need a bit more time to get fully there though.) He’s a lot more active and happy, so now I’m just focusing on giving him as many plants and wax worms as possible.

Last time I posted he was 14 grams (hadn’t grown for≈2.5 months) and I am happy to say that he is now 26 grams nine days later!!

(dw, he eats a few silks, 3-7 wax’s, sometimes more, and a couple crickets every day. i improved his gut load as well!!)

!!He is awake in the photo but it’s near his bedtime!!


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You should add that vet to the list of good vets on here!
Good that your chameleon is headed in the right direction now!
Yes can you share that vets info with me please so I can add it to our vet list?

So happy to hear things are turning around for your little guy!
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