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I got my veiled chameleon, randall, about a month ago. Everytime I come near his cage, he runs (as fast as a chameleon can) away and hides in his leaves. I have never seen him eat so i put a camera by his cage while i was out for the day and caught him eating, drinking, and exploring. Does he just hate people? lol. I know chameleons are more of a look dont touch pet and generally dont like people. I have held him maybe 2-3 times since getting him. My last chameleon was always roaming around his cage and seemed to like me, as much as a chameleon could lol. just wondering if anyone else has experienced this, maybe hes still getting used to his surroundings?
Sounds normal to me, regular old chameleon, plotting your demise when your around. Lol
Yes, they recommend just simply sitting still in a chair near the enclosure for a while everyday to reassure you are no threat and begin to build trust. Them when he doesn’t hide anymore and comes around you can try to hold his favorite treat to lure him your way. There is a thread on trust building, I’ll look for it.
Many chameleons are secretive about drinking and some are the same with eating. Making sure that your husbandry is correct and your enclosure is a good size for him and set up to give him adequate foliage to feel safe in is always important. The blog on building trust is fantastic and will help you both greatly. My veileds have never been ‘friendly’ as in they’ll willingly come out onto my hand, but they do trust that I’m ok and won’t harm them. Each chameleon of course has its own personality.
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