Stuck shed on pads of feet


So, it has been a good few months since I've been active on here and it has been a dry... DRY winter here in northern Virginia.

Osiris, my nearly year-old chameleon has been in a slow sectioned shed for about a month now, but having issue with the pads of his feet.
I've made sure that his toes are clear of the shed, it's only the undersides that are being stubborn.
Usually I would just let him be so that 'nature' could take care of it over time, but the poor guy is having judgement problems on whether his back feet are on a vine or not, thus causing some slipping and falls from time to time, and he's taken to always having his left back foot hanging freely when he's basking or sleeping.

I've upped the misting sessions with the mistking, and I have even started supplementing with a warm hand misting inbetween the misting times just because the humidity has been dismal this season (to the point that he will even run over to the schefflera and start drinking in front of me, he's normally very shy).
I have given him a few showers as well, though I try to keep them at a minimum due to his great disapproval of being handled.
overall humidity indoors has been at 30%, cage humidity bounces between 40-60% throughout the day.

I can't think of what else I can do for the poor guy. Should I get a small area humidifier/vaporizer? Should I be sneaking in with some KY and cotton swabs when he's sleeping? Or do I just keep on doing what I have been and hope for the best?
My veiled has the same issue when the weather is drier. Changing over to the rough textured vines for his cage did help, but he does occasionally have skin on the pads of a foot or two. I soak a q-tip in saline solution (same plain saline you can squirt in their eyes to clear debris) squirt the foot to soak the shed and gently rub the shed with the wet q-tip. It usually comes right off. If it does not basically fall off, leave it and try again the next day. My guy is pretty tolerent of me touching his feet though. If he won't let you near him with a q-tip I would make sure he has some rough vines (mine will even "shuffle" their feet when they walk to get rid of shed) and keep up the warm mistings.
I may have to look into picking up some new vines then. I have natural branches in there that I would have thought textured enough to do the job but I guess he needs something rougher.
Chameleon mani-pedi, here we come! (Maybe I should get him some pretty pink claw-polish as well! :p)

Thanks for the input!
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