shedding problem (ball python)

My snake Taj is having troubles shedding completely. Whenever it is time for him to shed he sheds in small patches and never in a full body shed. The dead skin also gets stuck on his body, I leave a large bowl of water for him to soak in but it never seems to help. So far I've had to bath him everytime he sheds to get all the skin off by rubbing it. Is there anything I can do to possibly help this problem?


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He needs more humidity. How do you house him? How big is the water bowl? What substrate do you use?

If you house him in a tank try covering up half of the lid with foil or plastic. Get a larger water bowl. And you can use cypress mulch as a substrate. Also you could make a humid box for him and fill it with damp moss. A humid hide can be a rubbermaid container with a hole cut in the top large enough for the snake to get into.
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