9 month old veiled gumby


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here is my 9 month old veiled. Ive moved him into a larger cage which he seems to like a lot, attached is a picture of him that i took today, i just wanted to make sure he looks normal to everyone, i give him all his suppliements and try to keep him as healthy as i can. just curious if his skin looks healthy, he just started to shed today too



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He looks ok from what I can see of your pic. I am not an expert but someone more knowledgable may come by. I wonder why you think his skin is unhealthy? As they get older they do not shed as they do as a baby. They can take longer and shed little bits at a time. The skin colour changes with a shed also. I have read one of your previous threads and I'm glad you have been able to handle him. If you suspect there is something wrong please fill in the how to ask for help form and we may be able to help.
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