1. LLLReptile

    Barney the Veiled Chameleon and the many failed photo ops

    Ahh, all the failed attempts at good pictures as Barney the Angry Veiled Chameleon has grown up... He was good for the first month, and then as he got older he's gotten angrier and angrier about his picture being taken... "I can't eat now that you're watching!" Now...
  2. LLLReptile

    Baby Veiled growth comparison

    I've been raising a couple baby Veiled Chameleons on my desk for almost two months now - a little update, for anyone who's curious about growth in these. Three Weeks Old Compared to 6 weeks old - same hand! They grow so fast :) -Jen
  3. ReptileLove18

    Looking for panther cham growth comparision article

    i read this article on two male panthers of the same age and kind being raised in the same conditions and how differently their growth rates were the other day, a forum member posted it on a thread about a slow growing cham and now i cant seem to find that thread. i want to look at the article...
  4. G

    9 month old veiled gumby

    here is my 9 month old veiled. Ive moved him into a larger cage which he seems to like a lot, attached is a picture of him that i took today, i just wanted to make sure he looks normal to everyone, i give him all his suppliements and try to keep him as healthy as i can. just curious if his skin...
  5. dlegare

    Nosy Be Growth and color change

    Good morning everyone. I am re-posting this because I messed it up the first time and couldn't get the pics to work properly. This is a neat series of photos of my baby Nosy Be that I got from Screameleons. I initially thought he was going to be a lackluster runt because he didn't start...
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