Nosy Be Growth and color change


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Good morning everyone. I am re-posting this because I messed it up the first time and couldn't get the pics to work properly. This is a neat series of photos of my baby Nosy Be that I got from Screameleons. I initially thought he was going to be a lackluster runt because he didn't start growing or really getting good color until about a month ago and man has he taken off over the past 2 months. The first pic is the newest taken yesterday. As you can see he is just starting a shed. I'll take some new ones today to see if there is any big change in his coloration.

Taken 23 Mar 2011 Sorry bout the shedding, he's a growing boy.

This one was taken 30 Jan 2011

This one was taken 17 Jan 2011

Finally this last one was taken 24 Dec 2010

He's not a runt and definitely not lackluster.

Thanks Screameleons!



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Absolutely stunning.

I'm expecting colouring like that from my baby male...he's a Nosey Be x BB Ambilobe...his Dad is the Nosey Be, so Simba will hopefully inherit the beautiful blue!!! :D
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