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Dont have a pic right now bc my little fella just went to bed. I was just checking on him to make sure he was okay and i noticed that he was in his lower half of the cage. about a week and a half ago his eye was swollen then the next morning it was gone and it hasnt come back. When i was examining his eye today it started to freak out. He would close his eye then it would almost retract and set in deep, then go back out and twitch around for a second. Also on the lower half of his eye, his skin is a faded light white/pinky colour. Could this be an infection? Need help what do I do?


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Sounds like he was just cleaning his eye.
They retract them, puff themup, etc to clean the eye ball out. its normal.

and the coloring is fine. its normallya grey/pink.brownish color.

so long as the ey doesnt stay shut, aand doesnt stay puffed hes probably ok.
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