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There are currently 202 recognized chameleon species and 85 of them are found on the island of Madagascar.
Pygmy chameleons are sometimes referred to as False Chameleons. This term is actually incorrect and is in reference to anoles, particularly the Cuban False Anole.
Pygmy chameleons have bicuspid claws where each claw has two points like a crescent moon.
The word Kinyongia is from the Swahili word for chameleons: Kinyonga.
The word Brookesia is named after the British naturalist Joshua Brookes.
The word Furcifer is derived from the Latin word “furci” or forked.
Chameleons can project their tongue up to 2.2 times their body length.
Furcifer oustaleti (Oustalet’s Chameleon) is the longest chameleon species reaching lengths of 27 inches (68cm).
The word Bradypodion comes from the latin “bradus podos” or slow foot.
True chameleons include the following genera: Archaius, Bradypodion, Brookesia, Calumma, Chamaeleo, Furcifer, Kinyongia, Nadzikambia, Palleon, Rhampholeon, Rieppeleon and Trioceros.


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