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Some chameleons play dead to avoid predation; this is called thanatosis.
The word Calumma comes from the Latin word for covering. This genus consists of chameleons from Madagascar with occipital lobes.
Chameleons change color by rearranging a lattice of nanocrystals in one of their top layers of skin cells called iridophores. Chameleons can then stretch this layer, broadening the nanocrystalline lattice, thereby causing it to reflect a different wavelength of light.
The process of shedding is called ecdysis.
Chameleons do have taste buds on their tongue but overall they have a poor sense of taste.
The word Rieppeleon is named after the scientist Olivier Rieppel.
Chameleons have a high midichlorian count.
The chameleons tongue accelerates towards its target at over 1642m per second. Chameleons rarely miss their intended food item.
The horns on a chameleon are made up of ringlike segments of inner bone covered by a hard keratin-like skin.
Furcifer labordi (Labord’s Chameleon) has the shortest lifespan of only 4-5 months. It also has the shortest lifespan of any tetrapod!


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