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Chameleons do have taste buds on their tongue but overall they have a poor sense of taste.
The chameleons tongue accelerates towards its target at over 1642m per second. Chameleons rarely miss their intended food item.
The smallest chameleon species is Brookesia micra with an adult length just over 1 inch (29mm). It hatches from an egg no bigger than a grain of rice!
The word Brookesia is named after the British naturalist Joshua Brookes.
Chameleons can project their tongue up to 2.2 times their body length.
The word Kinyongia is from the Swahili word for chameleons: Kinyonga.
The word Rhampholeon is taken from the Latinized Greek “rhamphos leon” meaning crawling lion.
The horns on a chameleon are made up of ringlike segments of inner bone covered by a hard keratin-like skin.
Trioceros schubotzi can be found at elevations as high as 4500m.
Pygmy chameleons have bicuspid claws where each claw has two points like a crescent moon.


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