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Chameleons can project their tongue up to 2.2 times their body length.
Trioceros schubotzi can be found at elevations as high as 4500m.
Pygmy chameleons are sometimes referred to as False Chameleons. This term is actually incorrect and is in reference to anoles, particularly the Cuban False Anole.
Chameleons have a very poor sense of smell.
Kinyongia uthmoelleri and Trioceros quadricornis gracilor have red claws.
Chameleon fossils have been found in central Europe and China, indicating they were once much more widespread than they are now.
There are currently 202 recognized chameleon species and 85 of them are found on the island of Madagascar.
Pygmy chameleons (Brookesia, Palleon, Rhampholeon and Rieppeleon sp.) often resemble dry leaves, mosses and branches.
Trioceros goetzei (Goetze’s Chameleon) emits an audible, high pitched whistle when threatened.
The horns on a chameleon are made up of ringlike segments of inner bone covered by a hard keratin-like skin.


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