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  • YouTube videos
    With hundreds of free videos, the Neptune the Chameleon YouTue channel is where you can find detailed, educational chameleon care videos made for new and advanced chameleon keepers. This is a great place to learn about chameleon supplementation, what UVB bulb you need to use, how to set up an enclosure, what bugs to feed, etc.

    TikTok videos
    The Neptune the Chameleon TikTok videos are much shorter than the YouTube videos and are great if you're looking for shorter videos that are a mix of entertaining and educational chameleon content.

    Instagram page
    Instagram is where you can get more of a glimpse into the behind the scenes content with Neptune the Chameleon and engage with other chameleon keepers. Content includes a mix of pictures, videos, and interactive stories.

    Chameleon Kits
    If you're looking for a bundle of all of the things you need for a pet chameleon created by a trusted and experienced chameleon keeper, then you'll want to check out the Chameleon Kits by Neptune the Chameleon. There are two different kits, the Basic Kit and the Advanced Kit which come with all the required products needed for keeping a chameleon all conveniently packaged together and priced at a discount.

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    Shopping list
    If you already have some products or would just prefer to purchase things for your chameleon individually, then you should check out the shopping list that Neptune the Chameleon has currated for keepers. These are all products she uses herself, so please take advantage!

    Neptune the Chameleon works closely with a few awesome reptile companies who partner with her to offer you a discount on their products. These discounts can be for things like chameleons, feeder bugs, enclosures/bulbs, plants, custom backgrounds etc. Those discount codes and links support Neptune the Chameleon and help her continue to provide free educational content.

    Book a video call
    Neptune the Chameleon offers the ability to book a video call with her so that you can chat 1:1 with her to have your enclosure reviewed, ask any chameleon-related questions, as well as offer any custom, personalized feedback and advice for you and your chameleon.

    Chameleon swag
    Who doesn't love a good chameleon t-shirt or hoodie? Check out the Neptune the Chameleon merch store for cute chameleon keeper swag that comes in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes. New designs are added every few months!

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  • Meet Neptune the Chameleon's mom! She has spent years educating and mentoring thousands of chameleon keepers across the globe on proper chameleon care through her fun and educational content with her partner-in-crime, Neptune the Chameleon by her side. Her favorite thing is seeing new keepers take on the challenge of owning a chameleon and giving them the best life possible, especially considering chameleons have the reputation of being advanced and hard to care for. Check out her channels for all things chameleon-related!
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