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  • We are Brian & Carolyn Laframboise- a blended family, husband-wife team who share a love for all animals; human (we have 4 children between us) as well as furry, scaly, stinky, spiky and sticky. We have always had a variety of pets in our homes (even as kids) that we carefully researched, learned about and made sure we gave them the best. The more different they were, the better. Between the two of us we have over 40 years of reptile keeping experience in addition to other pets such as birds, ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, cats, dogs, reef and freshwater fish.

    This is how we landed on wanting chameleons. Of course they are beautiful colors and patterns, but what we fell in love with was the way they moved. Leaf-walking, scoping out everything in their environment with those amazing eyes and, of course, their tongues! We were fascinated by them. We relentlessly researched and spent an enormous amount of time online deciding what habitat we would provide and the husbandry chameleons needed to live their best life. We surrounded ourselves with knowledgeable people and learned as much as we could from them. Our first venture was building two bio active, glass enclosures to house a male and female panther chameleon and the finished products were phenomenal. We loved this type of keeping.

    After a successful pairing of our male and female which resulted in hearty, healthy eggs, we got the bug. We slowly started adding chameleons from different areas of Madagascar to our family and sold locally on a very small scale for years. At the end of 2018 we knew we had outgrown our small passion of the heart and both felt the pull to step it up a notch. Our latest renovation in our new space has allowed us to maintain optimal conditions for these amazing creatures.

    Some of the different localities of panther chameleons we have worked with are Nosy Be, Nosy Mitsio, Nosy Boraha, Nosy Faly, Ambilobe, Sambava, Vohemar, Ankify, and Ambanja. We also have worked with Jackson’s Chameleons, Xantholophus and Machakos Hills as well as Veiled Chameleons. Non-chameleons include crested and leopard geckos, a couple ball pythons and a hognose, as well a couple varieties of frogs.

    We are now honored to be able to help others find this same passion!
    We take the utmost pride in our husbandry, as well as the relationships we have made with our customers and people that just reach out to ask questions. We always have time to give to those wanting to learn, because we were there too long ago. It was those relationships that we cherished and keep to this day and we can only hope to “be that” for someone else. When you become a customer of ours, you not only become a friend, but a member of our

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