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  • Our breeding program has two options:
    1. Reservations
    2. Juveniles
    The reservation program is how most of our animals are sold. You place a $75 down payment to reserve a spot on any upcoming clutch, and that holds your pick position. Depending on where you are located, that often amounts to prepaying your shipping. For some of our most popular options, like Nugget, a reservation is the only way to secure a male.

    Our juveniles are individually listed and usually sell between 3-5 months of age. We commit to making sure they are a minimum of 12 grams and eating at least a 1/2" cricket.

  • We pride ourselves on breeding top quality YBBB Ambilobe Panther Chameleons and raising them individually. The "i" in iPardalis comes from our commitment to individually raising our chameleons. RBBB/YBRB still happens, because we do not line breed and we have some fun side projects. We ultimately select for health/size as our primary goal.

    We have recently started a small Furcifer minor project and entered the reptile hobby via snake breeding. It has been a 30+ year passion!

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    Jonathan Hill
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    [email protected]
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