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    Captive Experience

    I have a lovely TJJ acquired from @JacksJill back in April of 2021. I believe he was born in late fall of 2020.

    “Jack” is a shy chameleon, with loads of personality. He is always finding himself in precarious situations, with no real plan to get himself out of it! He is a beautiful boy with the most vibrant colors. Very gentle, but very shy, so his interaction is limited to feedings, only.

    Jack is in an InSitu Alto glass enclosure which I heavily modified to increase airflow and accommodate UVB lighting. The glass enclosure keeps humidity up without allowing the air to become stagnant. A basking light is not provided, however, he is able to bask under an LED light bar that emits heat in its place. He is misted only in the evenings, allowing his enclosure to slightly dry during the day (while humidity still remains elevated during evaporation). His enclosure is bioactive, with a dwarf ficus alii tree, various branches, and misc plants. At times he prefers the dense foliage of the ficus, and other times he enjoys lounging on the exposed branches.

    He is fed 3x a week. Supplements are given 1x a month, and light calcium only with dubia or superworms (I dont feed crickets). His favorite food is a toss up, but I will say BSFL is a front runner. He and his brother (living with a friend) tolerate caterpillars such as silkworms - but tend to “spit them out” after chewing… and usually picking them back up to finish. I think they prefer firmer, crunchier foods, and the squishiness of silkworms is unpleasant to them.

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