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  • Dragon Ledges
    The most recognizable Dragon Strand product is the patented Dragon Ledges. These are anchors that are added to a screen cage to allow you easy mounting of live potted plants and horizontal branches without stressing the screen. Dragon Ledges were invented to give us chameleon keepers an easy way to get plants up where chameleons will use them and to keep the cage floor clear. Dragon Ledges come standard on adult size Dragon Strand cages and are available as a retro fit kit for the other major screen cage brands. Check the sizing page for a set that fits your cage.
    Dragon Ledges Sizing Page


    Atrium Wide Format Cage Series
    A main push in the design of Dragon Strand cages in the direction of wide format cages. The Atrium series has members from the Medium Atrium to the Large Atrium which is the largest available commercially produced chameleon cage at 45" wide x 22" deep x 44" high. The Medium Tall Atrium is the best combination of size and manageability at 30" wide x 23" deep x 48" high and is designed as a system with Dragon Ledges, Drainage Tray, and Hydration Mounts for misting nozzles. This product line can be reviewed here:
    Dragon Strand Atrium Wide Format Cage Series

  • Dragon Strand is a small business run by me, Bill Strand, specifically for the purpose of developing chameleon caging that meets our needs as chameleon keepers and breeders. Through this vehicle I have introduced truly rust proof cages, Dragon Ledges that allow the floating garden style of caging, and innovative clear walled caging that comes in sizes chameleon keepers need. Products are manufactured in small batches the US. This gives me the flexibility to constantly innovate and push this art forward.

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